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Proligent RPM

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Averna makes Part-List Plus,a software designed for the electronics industry that helps you manage and optimize your purchasing process, inventory management and customer relationship management. Visit for mo

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Proligent RPM

Proligent RPM


Proligent RPM

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Averna Technologies


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The production infrastructure is perhaps the most important cost centre, especially in the semi-conductor and PCB manufacturing industries. More than ever, companies are trying to maximize process and equipment utilization while limiting expensive downtime. By deploying intelligent data logging devices onto the manufacturing floor, Averna�s Proligent RPM is able to effectively communicate production line blockages, starvations and malfunctions. Proligent RPM is a wireless or hardwire event monitoring and dispatch system that instantly addresses manufacturing downtimes and disturbances. It tracks real-time line performance and electronically assigns key manufacturing resources to solve problems in a matter of seconds.

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