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NC676 - No Clean Solder Paste

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With numerous facilities in the United States, we are one of the electronics industry's leading manufacturers of lead-free solder products, superior quality stencils, and precision cut parts.

Greeley, Colorado, USA


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NC676 - No Clean Solder Paste

NC676 - No Clean Solder Paste


NC676 - No Clean Solder Paste


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NC676 - No Clean Solder Paste Description:

NC676 No Clean Solder Paste is a new generation halide-free, rosin-based chemistry designed to provide a previously unseen level of repeatability and consistency to the printing process. This paste offers an excellent open time, extended abandon time and good soldering activity with all surface finishes. NC676 meets or exceeds the requirements for ANSI/J-STD -004, -005 as well as all Bellcore test criteria for solder pastes. Residues left behind are clear and maintain a virtually indefinite pin probability life.


  • Excellent print consistency with Surface Area Ratios (SAR) as low as 0.55 when used with the UltraSlic™ stencil technology
  • No Hidden Halides - Completely halogen free by all test standards
  • Non-hygroscopic formulation suitable for high RH areas
  • Wide reflow window with good solderability on various PCB surface finishes
  • Unlimited pin probability and clear post-process residues
  • Low voiding/high reliability
  • Formulated for fast printing



SN63 (MP=183°C)
62/36/2 (MP=179°C)

Powder Size

Type 3 and Type 4 Standard
Type 5 available upon request


Automatic/Manual Printing
Automatic/Manual Dispensing

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