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Henkel Encapsulants / Potting Compounds

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Henkel is a manufacturer of materials for PCB and component assembly. The materials include Loctite adhesives, Multicore soldering products, Hysol encaps and underfills, and Power Devices thermal phase change pads.

Irvine, California, USA


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Henkel Encapsulants / Potting Compounds

Henkel Encapsulants / Potting Compounds


Henkel Encapsulants / Potting Compounds



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Henkel Electronic Materials


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Ensuring that electronics products function as they are designed to is just one piece of the materials solution Henkel delivers. Protecting printed circuit boards and electronic assemblies from thermal cycling and adverse environmental conditions is the other critical component for product durability and reliability.

Under the leading Hysol and Stycast brands, Henkel offers several PCB protection products to minimize external product stress and maximize performance. Our portfolio of conformal coatings keeps moisture, humidity and other adverse conditions from deteriorating printed circuit boards used in harsh marine, automotive, aerospace and consumer electronics applications. Henkel also strives to keep environmental consciousness at the forefront of all our product development efforts, which is why we have moved toward solvent-free, low-VOC materials and processes.

Henkel’s potting and encapsulation compounds protect PCBs and electrical devices by enhancing mechanical strength, offering electrical insulation, and protecting against vibration and shock.

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