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SMT Stencil, Surface Performance Returning to Basics in the SMT Screen Printing Process to Significantly Improve the Paste Deposition

Mar 15, 2018 | JimVillalvazo

The SMT assembly process is continuously challenged by the factors which enhance circuit board performance and limit productivity. The pick and place and reflow systems reflect these driven issues by adding more and more controls to their systems, but the fact is one of the age old processes continues to operate within the same rules since the dawn of the SMT assembly world: The SMT screen printing. (...)

This paper showcases a new stencil process that was discovered by reverting to the basics:understanding the reason for each stencil material process, focusing on detailed finishes and a disciplined aperture design process, maintaining original designs, and making the correctly designed apertures to control the paste deposition. The test results drove us to focus the efforts on the aperture walls In this paper we will demonstrate with lab tests SMT process results howthe improved paste release results in improved SMT print process performance and its positive impact on SPI yields and EOL performance....

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