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HD Heavy Duty Soldering Station

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Soldering & Rework Techniques for Electronics

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HD Heavy Duty Soldering Station

HD Heavy Duty Soldering Station


HD Heavy Duty Soldering Station


Rework & Repair Equipment

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JBC Tools USA, Inc


HD Heavy Duty Soldering Station Description:

The HD is the best solution for high termal demand and prolonged heavy duty soldering.

It is specially designed to solder intensively on multi-layer boards and on parts requiring high amount of heat. The temperature on the tip is strictly controlled by a micro processor through the sensor-heating element integrated to the tip itself.

  • It works with the JBC exclusive heating system and the intelligent sleep & hibernation features.
  • Using the menu you can personalize over 20 parameters to help manage the soldering process.
  • It incorporates a USB connector (type B) to update station software and create graphs.
  • The HD also offers high reliability especially in intensive applications like for example in solar panels.
  • It includes a sleep system, the hibernation mode and all other basic advantages featured in the rest of our JBC stations.
  • The T470-A handpiece can be connected to the station using the C470 cartridge range.

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