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Environmental Management, Inc. is an Industrial Hygiene and Environmental Consulting Firm with it's office located in Brunswick, Maine.

Brunswick, Maine, USA

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  • Phone 207-729-7549

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Asbestos Consulting

Asbestos Consulting


Asbestos Consulting

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Environmental Management Inc. ME_NH


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At Environmental Management we will help you deal with asbestos issues in a fast, safe and economical fashion. EMI is capable of solving your most complex asbestos management problems by providing the solutions you deserve. Every Asbestos Consulting project demands our full attention to detail and we insure our clients satisfaction safety. We also assist clients in interpreting and complying with the increasingly complex and changing regulations surrounding environmental issues.

Our Asbestos Consulting consists of Inspection, Project Monitoring, Air Sampling, Analytical Services and Project Design.

Inspection: We provide inspection services for Asbestos for demolition or renovation impact, Real Estate transactions and AHERA.

Project Monitoring: Environmental Management, Inc. provides third party monitoring for a building owner or operator during an abatement project. This will include air sampling, daily logs of activities, building occupant education, project completion inspection, sampling and documentation.

Air Sampling: We provide air sampling for Asbestos as part of an IAQ assessment, OSHA compliance, or project completion.

Analytical Services: EMI is a state of Maine licensed Asbestos Analytical Lab for air samples and bulk material. Project Design: EMI will develop bid documents and work plans for clients. Typically the actual design of the project is up to the contractor. We review it for regulatory and contractual compliance.

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