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Scienscope supplies inspection equipment, including stereo zoom microscopes, video an X-Ray inspection equipment, automated optical inspection systems, magnifiers, measurement systems.

Chino, California, USA


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Video Inspection Systems

Video Inspection Systems


Video Inspection Systems



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SCIENSCOPE International


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At Scienscope, we offer two different types of video inspection systems - our MZ7A Series, or Micro Zoom series, and our MAC series.

This optical video inspection system can provide a high magnification image without chromatic aberration and distortion.  Micro Zoom Video Inspection Systems have high magnification applications, no chromatic aberration and distortion, detented zoom body for repeatable settings, inter-exchangeable objective lens and couplers, variable magnification configurations, and much more.

Our MAC Series, or Macro Zoom Video Inspection Systems, allows for the most depth of field and field of view within our video inspection systems. The MAC series also has great working distance and infinity without close-up lens, 2X magnification double available, all in one lens with built-in iris, zoom control, focus, and a compact system available.

MZ7A Series Video Inspection Systems

Micro Zoom Inspection Systems

• High magnification applications
• No chromatic aberration & distortion
• Detented zoom body for repeatable settings
• Inter-exchangeable objective lens and couplers
• Variable magnification configurations

MAC Series Video Inspection Systems

Macro Zoom Inspection Systems

• Most Depth off Field and Field of View available
• Great working distance and infinity without close-up lens
• 2X magnification double available
• All in one lens with built-in iris, zoom control, and focus
• Compact system available

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