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RF Modules for Industrial & Commercial Wireless

Since 1990, AeroComm has been the global leader in providing short-range data communications to original equipment manufacturers. The core technology behind our products is a unique and proprietary FHSS design that enables OEMs to buy, rather than make, robust RF capability.

Today we continue to support a myriad of applications where wireless was previously cost-prohibitive. Our robust proprietary technology, manufacturing and testing guarantee reliable communication, while lower frequencies (i.e. 900MHz) and fewer parts allow for reduced prices.

Additionally, AeroComm has adopted the motto of Instant Wireless � a commitment to facilitate fast and easy RF integration. Our comprehensive development tools and engineering support help OEMs reduce R&D schedules, expenses and uncertainties while accelerating time to market. The company's breakthrough RF232� transparent protocol further simplifies the wireless effort by making transceivers perform as wires.


Size, reliability, cost, speed, distance and power consumption are important issues to our customers. We address these issues with our revolutionary proprietary technology, called ConnexRF�. ConnexRF 2.4GHz, 900MHz and 868MHz) transceivers are designed specifically for fast integration, and are almost effortless for OEMs to install and maintain.

Performance Because they employ robust frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) technology, ConnexRF transceivers operate reliably even in RF-noisy environments. By hopping between frequencies over a range of spectrums, the radios resist interference while sending data at rates of up to 882Kbps. Additional benefits of ConnexRF can include built-in error detection, programmable packet retries, and programmable broadcast attempts. Please visit our website for more informations.

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