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Manufacturer of power control systems


DynaGen's mission is to be the world leading supplier of power controls by building the most integrated, adaptable, and cost-effective control solutions.

DynaGen's solutions serve essential applications as Off-Grid, Backup Power, Peak Shaving, Co-Generation, and Grid Support. The strong growth in these segments continues to be driven by an ever-increasing demand for electricity, the high cost of power, electric grid constraints, and by wide-spread national security and environmental concerns. DynaGen's engine/generator controllers and power transfer switches can be found in boats, recreational vehicles, homes, factories, residential sub-divisions, nursing homes, and farms � wherever clean, reliable power is needed.

Largely due to advances in electronic systems and controls, conventional gas/diesel engine driven systems continue to evolve and improve. DynaGen has extensive expertise in developing electronic controls for low emissions engines and generators, as well as locomotive and truck auxiliary power units. These environmentally focused prdoucts help power-generation manufacturers, and railway companies meet the new stringent anti-pollution standards.

DynaGen's integrated design philosophy centers around the use of flexible, microprocessor-based control modules that can be compactly integrated to deliver many value-added features in a wide variety of small, low-cost solutions; optimal solutions for control applications, electrical switching units, and highly integrated electronic management systems.

DynaGen Technologies Postings

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Vigilant 100A Load Center

The Vigilant 100A Load Center Automatic Transfer Switch will save you time and money on every installation. It completely eliminates the need to install a separate sub-paneland gives you the choice of using 12 regular or 24 mini circuit breakers. Lig...

Vigilant 100A Load Center

Vigilant Series Automatic Transfer Switches

DynaGen engineers had one clear design goal for our new Vigilant Series: �Find that precise point at which the highest possible quality and the most needed features would combine to provide the lowest overall installed cost. Reliable...

Vigilant Series Automatic Transfer Switches

GSC400 Series Generator Control with LCD Display

GSC400 � The world�s smallest gen-set control panel also has the biggest and brightest display. Every feature you need has been packed into its 5.5� X 4.5� X 1.6� footprint: J1939; NFPA Level 1 Compliant; Three 40Amp on-board relays; real-time cloc...

GSC400 Series Generator Control with LCD Display
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