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China based manufacturer looking to buy SMT Machines for own consumption.

Kowloon, Hong Kong


  • Phone 00852-23422318
  • Fax 00852-21425353

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Savia Limited


Capabilities Description:

System Design
• Functional specifications
• Hardware/Software architecture identification
• Preliminary cost estimates

Engineering Design and Management
• Specifications, flowcharts and milestone definitions
• Testing procedures and requirements, schematics and equipment definitions
• Graphic design requirements
• CE/UL/SAA/FDA compliance testing requirements
• Production Jig Design and construction
• Bill Of Material Generation

Mechanical Design and Tool making
• Pro E and IGES CAD Tools
• Prototype sampling studio
• Control Drawing
• Injection molded tools Design
• Selection/analysis of material
• Metal Parts Design
• Rubber Key Pad Design
• CNC/Sparking/Milling Tool Making

Circuit Design and PCB Layout
• Single/ Multi sided PCB Layout
• Component identification and sourcing
• Prototyping /model building

Software Design
• MCU Programming. Motorola, Toshiba, UMC, Winbond, Realtek, Scenix, Sitronix, TI, etc.
• SW Simulation on PC Design
• Artificial Intelligence Design Capability

Production/Post Production Capabilities
• Automatic and semi-automatic bonding
• Wave Soldering
• SMT/ Manual Insertion - Volume Assembly. 5500 sq. ms. Assembly Plant
• MRP 2/ISO 9002/EN 14002 Quality Control System. Rigid Internal Quality
• Worldwide Shipping and Logistics Ex Hong Kong/ PRC

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