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AEI manufactures a wide range of electronics components for customers in the automotive industry. AEI's products include anti-lock brake sensors, seat position sensors, transmission revolution sensors, and height control sensors.

Stockton, California, USA

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Fiber Laser

Fiber Laser


Fiber Laser

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Aisin Electronics, Inc.


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Aisin Seiki is expanding into new business areas such as femto second fiber laser and biotechnology related equipment. This creation of new values will promote new technologies and knowledge, which will be used in the manufacture of automotive components.

Femto second fiber laser

Ultra-fast fiber lasers (lasers emitting intermittient beams) with a pulse width of several femto seconds (a femto second is 10-15 second) are to be used in a variety of fields including telecommunication, micro-fabrication, instrumentation, physical chemistry, and medical industry.

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