For nearly five decades, Manncorp has supplied electronics manufacturers with the world’s best values in PCB assembly equipment, direct to the customer, at the industry’s most competitive prices, and with full service and support.


From advancements in technology and production methods to global shifts in markets and manufacturing economies, Manncorp founder and CEO, Henry Mann has seen it all.  The company he started from his parents’ home in suburban Philadelphia in 1966 is among a select few that not only have survived, but also continue to flourish as the electronics assembly industry has undergone the dramatic changes of the last half century.

“So many people don’t remember what the American electronics industry was like in its heyday,” says Mann. “In the late ‘60s and early ‘70s, every industrial park in the country was full of companies building their own circuit boards.  I very quickly realized there was no possible way to visit them all.”  Mann also noticed that not only were companies in dire need of equipment and supplies, but they needed them more quickly and efficiently than conventional distribution channels allowed.  These observations led Mann to develop a customer-focused business model in which his printed catalogs, with published pricing for everything from hand tools to high-end capital equipment, were to become a staple of the industry.  It wasn’t long before the company started designing and manufacturing its own brand of equipment, with component lead forming becoming an area of specialization. 

Companies like Delco and Motorola sought Mann’s assistance in developing solutions for challenging applications like high-volume processing of transistors, while some of the earliest equipment to form flat-pack ICs for surface mounting was developed for Hughes Aircraft and TIMEX.  At one point, Mann employed over 100 employees with more than half of them involved in manufacturing.  Mann was also among the earliest subscribers of toll-free phone numbers where customers could call for immediate technical or sales assistance.  “Streamlined communication and instantaneous feedback between the end user and the factory is something companies and customers still value today,” says Mann.  “We’ve been doing this for decades.”

Today, Manncorp has two 18,000 square-foot facilities—its headquarters in Huntingdon Valley, PA, and its new San Diego location—as well as offices in Mexico, Brazil, and Shenzhen, China.  Manncorp still employs over 30 full-time employees and its products are now produced in factories in the U.S., Europe, and Asia.  Although the company has grown and evolved from its humble beginnings, one thing that has never changed is Henry Mann’s business model, even if it has been adapted for today’s equipment buyer and a global marketplace.  Customers anywhere in the world, on either their mobile device or desktop, can obtain pricing and details on Manncorp’s extensive selection of equipment for SMT and mixed technology assembly at  They can even monitor the company’s latest news and activity via social media.  While some companies that may claim to have been around as long as Manncorp are now virtually unrecognizable due to mergers and acquisitions, Manncorp continues to retain its youthful vitality and dynamism as it looks ahead to the next fifty years.  

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Improved Dip Soldering Systems Have Wider Range of Capability

May 16, 2014 | While dip soldering of through-hole components has long been an easy and affordable way to automate manual soldering processes when the costs of wave soldering cannot be justified, these latest enhancements increase quality and repeatability to a degree that make Auto-Dip systems ideal for virtually any short-run, batch application.

Android(TM) Operating System Controls New Benchtop Reflow Oven

Mar 25, 2014 | An innovative Android-based operating system and high-resolution touchscreen user interface only begin to explain why Manncorp’s new MC-301 Benchtop Reflow Oven is among its hottest new products for 2014. By simulating the environment of an inline reflow system in a small footprint, the MC-301 is ideal for prototyping, manufacturability testing, and even short-run batch production. Its exclusive Android control app allows surface mount assemblers and product developers to meet solder paste manufacturers’ precise specifications for the preheat, soak, reflow, and cooling phases of their recommended profiles. Heating and cooling rates in each stage are also automatically calculated to easily verify compliance with component and material requirements.

High-Precision, High-Mix, Print-Place-Reflow Package Under $47K

Jan 30, 2014 | Manncorp has recently reconfigured and expanded its exclusive selection of SMT turnkey packages, including stencil printers, pick and place machines, and reflow ovens, to accommodate a wider range of production levels and budgets. Among the ten different turnkeys presented on their website at is the new 2500-MV package. Priced at only $46,995, the 2500-MV is designed for companies with a limited budget and minimal floor space who need short-run, in-house production capability for ultra-precise, high component-mix SMT assembly.

Closed-Loop, Zero-Discharge PCB Cleaning System in Operation at Manncorp DEMO Center

Sep 28, 2013 | Electronic assemblers in search of a comprehensive, environmentally-safe solution to their PCB cleaning and defluxing needs will want to visit Manncorp’s East Coast Demo Center for a live look at the Trident XLD. The XLD is a fully closed-loop, zero-discharge, aqueous cleaning system, capable of removing both water-soluble or rosin-based flux residues, in addition to other contaminants that can impact the long-term reliability of circuit board assemblies.

Manncorp Installs Selective Soldering and Fluxing Systems at Calsonic Kansei Mexicana

Jul 27, 2013 | Electronic automotive component manufacture Calsonic Kansei Mexicana S.A. de C.V., a subsidiary of Japan's Calsonic Kansei Corporation, recently purchased two ULTIMA STR2 selective soldering equipment and an ULTIMA SSP selective fluxer. The new equipment reduces process time 30-50% compared to the system it replaced, primarily due to the fact that separate machines allow simultaneous fluxing and soldering with a single fluxing unit serving two selective systems. Quality is also dramatically improved: On the company's first day of production with the ULTIMA systems, 300 PCBs were produced with zero defects or quality issues of any kind.

Manncorp Opens New Corporate & SMT DEMO Center

Jun 20, 2013 | Five consecutive years of strong growth have led electronics manufacturing equipment supplier Manncorp, Inc. to relocate and expand its corporate headquarters. After a comprehensive search, the company this spring purchased, upgraded and moved into a new facility in Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania, giving the growing company 18,000 sq. ft. of sales, support and warehouse space, plus a full on-site gym for employees.

Dross Separator Recovers Solder and Saves Money Fast

Jun 20, 2013 | Many are unaware that 50-80% of wave solder dross is usable solder alloy. The SEPARO solder recovery system from Manncorp allows companies to quickly and easily reclaim valuable solder in-house for significant cost savings. With the SEPARO solder recovery system, a shift's worth of wave solder dross can be turned into usable solder ingots in under an hour.

New High-speed Pick & Place Machine for Nonstop Production of LED Boards

Feb 08, 2013 | Manncorp introduces the MC-LEDV3, a new high-speed pick and place machine built to assemble LED tube lights, flexible LED strips and LED bulb boards. The MC-LEDV3 features three pick-and-place heads mounted on a high-precision, ball-screw-driven gantry. Simultaneous pickup, on-the-fly (vision based) component alignment, and feeder placement optimization combine to achieve placement rates of up to 10,000 LEDs per hour, per IPC-9850.

Manncorp Brings High-Precision, Selective Soldering and Fluxing to the Bench-Top with the New ULTIMA Series

Oct 09, 2012 | The ULTIMA Series Selective Soldering and Fluxing Systems offer a new solution for soldering through-hole components and connectors to surface mount and mixed technology PCBs. Numerous engineering and design innovations have resulted in compact, bench-top systems loaded with features that deliver a level of performance that, until now, would have made selective soldering cost-prohibitive for many low- and medium-volume PCB assemblers.

Computer-Controlled Batch Reflow With Real-Time Profiling Mimcs Inline Reflow

Sep 20, 2012 | Electronics assemblers who need to produce prototypes, pre-production boards and other small batch/short-run jobs in-house can now get inline reflow results in a small footprint, at an affordable price-now with full computer control.

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