SMT Hautes Technologies Inc.

We are a manufacturer of electronic pcb ( aviation, communication, automotive)


SMT HAUTES TECHNOLOGIES is a company specializing in the assembly of electronic boards as well as research and development in the electronics field. Our team cumulates many years of experience in the High Tech field, particularly in the assembly of electronic cards.


Our mission


SMT Hautes Technologies can bring real added value to the assembly by offering the quality standards demanded by large companies at prices generally found in medium or small businesses.


Our large production capacity paired with our great flexibility allow us to provide our clients with a wide range of assembly services from the prototype (small quantity) to mass production.


We also offer our professional design expertise for companies wishing to increase the quality of their product while decreasing the cost of production.


Our founder


In a quest for new challenges, Mr. St�phane Desch�nes, a NORTEL Networks process engineer, founds, in April 2001


Over the past five years, St�phane Desch�nes has successfully managed and implemented extensive projects in the fabrication of high-tech electronic circuitry for companies such as BOMBARDIER and NORTEL NETWORKS. He has introduced many new technologies in the industry in partnership with electronic instrumentation companies such as, FUJI, UNIVERSEL, ERSA and MPM. He has also been involved in the selection, purchasing, budgeting, installation and implementation of many assembly lines which are identical to those at SMT HAUTES TECHNOLOGIES.


He has also participated and managed the implementation of new design standards which have considerably improved the quality of fabrication of electronic boards while reducing its costs. His last mandate consisted of the development and the introduction of new process and setting up a highly technical prototype fabrication system. We believe that his considerable achievements make Mr. Desch�nes a prominent figure in the industry and mostly a valuable asset for the company as well as its clients.




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