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GBP-300AA &GBP-300AB Digital Profile Projector

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GBP-300AA &GBP-300AB Digital Profile Projector

GBP-300AA &GBP-300AB Digital Profile Projector


GBP-300AA &GBP-300AB Digital Profile Projector

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GBP-300AA &GBP-300AB Digital Profile Projector Description:

Uses It can effectively test various of work-pieces with complex shapes, such as templates, punching pieces, cams, gears, threads by profile comparative and coordinates measuring ways. It is widely used in different measuring departments and inspection stations of following industries machinery, watch-making, electron, instrument & meter, science & research institute etc, including space-flight & aviation industry. Features Two kinds of illuminations (high and low levels) can meet the measuring requirements of various work-pieces. Non-spherical surface illumination system is processed by special techniques, which makes view field be symmetrical & clear, and guarantee a higher accuracy. Axial flow fans heat are used for a strong dissipation efficiency, this is incomparable in analogy products. Small bulk, low weight, so it is very easy to move about. Long-life illuminating bulb can meet long-time use purpose It is equipped with various accessories for customer��s option, which makes measurement more convenient and rapid. It is equipped with multi-functional counter and mini-printer. Surface illumination system can be adjusted conveniently, so it is stable and reliable, and operation is also comfortable. Worktable base adopts front-door design, so maintenance is more convenient. Specification Screen diameter ��300mm Rotating range 0��~360�� Rotating angle resolution 1�� Rotating angle accuracy 6�� Worktable size 340mm��152mm X axis travel 150mm Y axis travel 50mm Z axis travel 80mm(focusing) Accuracy of X,Y axis (4+L/25)�� ��L�� measuring length of work-piece (unit:m) Objective Magnification View field on object (mm) Working distance (mm) 10X ��30 75 20X ��15 69 50X ��6 26 100X ��3 26 Standard accessories 10X objective 10X semi-transmitted and semi-reflecting mirror Optional accessories 1.20X objective (with 20X semi-transmitted and semi-reflecting mirror) 2.50X objective (with 50X semi-transmitted and semi-reflecting mirror) 3.100X objective (with 100X semi-transmitted and semi-reflecting mirror) 4. Automatic edge-finder 5. Thimble cradle 6. V-shaped support 7. Rotary worktable 8. Magnifier 9. Presser (4 pieces) Multi-functional data processors Determinate straight line and circle by multiple dots collecting Pre-set different geometrical elements Coordinates can rotate and move horizontally Polar coordinates and rectangular coordinates can converse mutually Determinate different geometrical elements by combination way Store and call different geometrical elements Printing and output function of measuring results Memory function when power is cut off RS232 output function Z coordinates can be set as length value of sensor and angle value of encoder correction function of measuring error

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