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SMT JUKI spare parts and repair service.CyberOpitcs Laser,Juki,Samsung,Yamaha,DEK,Tenryu,Nozzles,Feeders,PWB,Motors.etc....






Dingji technology is specialized in the field of SMT/AI machine maintenance and spare parts trading,repair all kinds of Industrial equipments circuit boards,electronic controls,and repair all CyberOptics laser products.

 (1) Cyberoptics laser repair service

 we have Cyberoptics original parts,many years repair experience,when the faulty laser sensor is repaired ok,the Laser intensity and useful life span time is the exactly same as the original.and we will give one year warranty!Cyberoptics laser including: JUKI/ZEVATECH Laser Unit (KE730/740/750/760/2010/2020/2030/2040/2050/2060,FX-1R,FX-3,KE2070,KJ-01/KJ-02)Yamaha laser,Samsung laser,Tenryu laser,Philips(Assembleon) FCM PPU laser/DEK Camera etc.

Cyberoptics laser model including:6604033,6604035,6604054,6604061,6601062,6604096,6604097,6604098,8000286,8005674,8006268,8008000,8001017,8010518,8010519,LAM-10-1,LAM-35-1 etc.

Cyberoptics Camera/DEK Camera:191010/191011/191012/191013/191014/191640/191641/198040 etc.Model:8008629,8012979 etc.

(2) Industrial Equipments Circuit Board repair and servo motor repair service

We're highly professional in repair all kinds of Industrial Equipments Circuit Boards and electronic control, include SMT/AI machine: JUKI,YAMAHA,SAMSUNG,PHILIPS,FUJI,PANASONIC,UNIVERSAL,SIEMENS,SONY,SANYO,DEK,MPM and any more.such as: Cpu card,Sub cpu card,I/O card,Laser Control Card,MCM card,IMG-CPU card, Carry pcb,Vision card,XMP card,Motor Driver,AC/DC servo motor,Servo driver,Servo amplifier,Industrial monitors,Industrial camera, Inerter,Power supplies, LCD, and a lot more of other electronic/electric system parts.

 (3)SMT machine trading and spare parts supply

At spare parts supply, we both provide used & original new relying on your prefer.

All the spare parts we acquire for sale is rigidly inspected, guaranteed fully working condition.such as: juki laser unit,control card,pcb board,nozzle,feeders,belt, filter, sevo driver,servo motor , vacuum ejector,etc.


Dingji technology is a technology-services company, "service-first, technology-oriented" is our all-time purpose and binding principle.We diligently study industrial chip-level repair technology for long term, our employees are experienced engineers with high skills in electronics repair. They are especially good atrepair with no circuit diagrams,that combines mechanics, electricity, electronics,computer and software.

we have our own repair technology and equipment, direct sale and service to customer, so we can provide you good quality,promptly delivery, the most favorable price!

With all sincerity? we hope we can build mutual benefit operational partners base of your support ,and create a bright future together.


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JUKI SMT machine spare parts supply

Dingji technology company is specialized in the filed of Cyberoptics laser repair:Juki laser,Yamaha laser,Samsung laser,Tenryu laser,Philips/Assembleon laser etc.,and repair all kinds of JUKI industrial circuit board:Juki laser unit(730/750/760/2010/...

JUKI/Zevatech Laser unit repair service

We can provide professional repair service for JUKI/ZEVATECH all CyberOptics laser unit,( KE730/740/750/760/2010/2020/2030/2050/2060,FX-1R,KE2070/2080,KJ-01,KJ-02),With Cyberoptics original parts,many years repair experience,when the faulty laser sen...

JUKI/Zevatech Laser unit repair service

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CyberOptics laser sensors can be repaired ok

Jun 25, 2009 | cost the machine maintenance cost

CyberOptics laser sensors can be repaired ok

Jun 25, 2009 | cost the machine maintenance cost

Cyberoptics laser can repair

Jun 12, 2009 | save a lot cost for you

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