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Our patented STABLCOR® product, (a carbon composite laminate), when embedded into a PCB allows electronics to pass beyond the thermo-mechanical limitations of today’s current materials and technologies

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Meeting Heat And CTE Challenges Of PCBs And ICs

Nov 13, 2008 | Kris Vasoya,

The electronics industry is facing issues with hot spots, solder joint stresses and Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE) mismatch between PCB and IC substrate. Flip chip type packages for example have very low CTE compared to traditional PCB material. Thus it is necessary to have low CTE printed circuit boards in order to keep solder joint intact with such low CTE packages. There are currently several materials available in the market to address thermal and CTE challenges but each material has its own advantages and limitations......

Optimizing Thermal and Mechanical Performance in PCBs

Feb 04, 2008 | Alex Mangroli, Kris Vasoya

Engineers are always striving to make a lighter, faster and stronger PCB. In order to achieve their designs, engineers must turn to alternative materials to enhance their designs. There are many materials that allow for thermal, coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) and rigidity. Many times if a material enables an engineer to have CTE they will have to sacrifice thermal. Currently carbon composite laminates are being used in order to achieve an ideal PCB with thermal, CTE and rigidity with almost no weight premiums....

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