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SEHO GoReflow - Compact Reflow Oven

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The SEHO brand stands for innovative systems for all fields of automated soldering processes, solutions for THT-AOI, customized automation technology and know how. Our customers profit from complete solutions that perfectly match.

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SEHO GoReflow - Compact Reflow Oven

SEHO GoReflow - Compact Reflow Oven


SEHO GoReflow - Compact Reflow Oven



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SEHO Systems GmbH


SEHO GoReflow - Compact Reflow Oven Description:

Compact machine technology for small and medium-sized production series with convincing price-performance-ratio.

Attractive Performance - Attractive Design - Attractive Price

With a heating zone length of 1850 mm or 2350 mm the convection reflow soldering systems GoReflow 1.8 and GoReflow 2.3 are ideally suited for small to medium-sized production series.

The machines are not only featured with an outstanding attractive design, above all the GoReflow systems convince with their well-engineered concept and excellent soldering results.

The GoReflow systems are characterized by flexible application for single- or double-sided reflow processes, in high-temperature processes and for curing adhesives and underfills.

Your Advantages at a Glance 

  • compact machine technology
  • high number of heating zones and full convection ensure perfect results
  • efficient and homogeneous heat transfer because of optimized process gas leading principle
  • heating zone lengths: 1850 mm [72.8"] or 2350 mm [92.5"]
  • belt conveyor, pin-chain conveyor with center support or combined conveyor system
  • working width: 410 mm [15.75"]
  • flux management ensures minimum maintenance requirements
  • closed loop control for all relevant functions
  • high process reliability

The Process Area: High Flexibility is Guaranteed

Five respectively seven heating zones and an average working speed of 0.40 - 0.55 m/min. for the GoReflow 1.8 and 0.55 - 0.70 m/min. for the GoReflow 2.3 provide maximum flexibility in temperature profiling, particularly for the lead-free soldering process.

The GoReflow systems are designed for soldering in ambient atmosphere. A high volume of circulated process gas, which is generated with axial fans, specially adapted slot nozzles and a re-circulation of the process gas on the sides, ensure a very homogeneous heat distribution over the complete transport width at simultaneously low flow velocities. Thus, a very good heat transfer to the assemblies is realized so that the set temperatures of the oven can remain on a lower level.

This helps a lot to fulfill today’s requirements concerning the narrow process window of the lead-free soldering process: all the components will be soldered whereas the temperature impact on the components is reduced significantly. For special applications requiring nitrogen, the peak area can be inerted.

The GoReflow systems are equipped with a fan cooling unit, circulating ambient air, which is used for cooling of the assemblies after the reflow process. Horizontal slot nozzles ensure a directed air flow and thus an effective cooling of the boards.

Minimum Costs of Ownership: Good for the Environment and forYour Budget

A flux management system which is integrated in the peak and cooling area ensures the lowest possible maintenance requirements and thus maximum machine availability. The process gas thereby is sucked off the process area and directed through a stainless steel filter. Flux residues are collected in a PE plastic bottle and therefore are easy and environmental-friendly to dispose.

The very efficient insulation of the process chamber as well as the well-engineered axial fan concept do not only ensure stable temperature conditions during the process. Moreover, they guarantee an extremely low heat loss and thus lowest possible energy costs.

The average energy consumption during operation is only 8kWfor the GoReflow systems!

Customized Solutions.

Not all tasks in electronics manufacturing can be covered by the processes reflow, selective or wave technology.  In special cases the product to be processed or the concept of the production line or cell requires specially adapted machine engineering.

Whenever the systems available on the market cannot fulfill a given task, it is worthwhile to consult SEHO for customised solutions. We design together with you the ideal concept for your production without loosing sight of your budget.

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