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PB SwissGrip Screwdrivers

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PB Swiss Tools offers a broad range of hand tools for industry professionals. 100% Made in Switzerland with an unlimited lifetime guarantee!

Gainesville, Georgia, USA

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  • Phone (800) 880-7007
  • Fax (770) 538-0417

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PB SwissGrip Screwdrivers

PB SwissGrip Screwdrivers


PB SwissGrip Screwdrivers

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PB Swiss Tools (US Distributor)


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SwissGrip� screwdrivers with their soft handle surface effortlessly transfer the rotational forces of the hand to the screw. They are particularly appreciated in all places where problem-free, non-tiring work is a requirement: in the high-tech sector, on assembly lines or for DIY. The casing, which is made of skin friendly Santoprene�, gives a soft, warm feel to the handle. It encloses the entire surface of the handle and therefore guarantees the best possible contact between the skin and the soft component. The special structure means that a secure grip is ensured even if hands are wet. One glance, one handle: You quickly have the right tool in your hand, thanks to the colour coding, symbol of the screw and the size. Available in Flat/Slotted, Philips/Cross, Hex/Allen, Torx�, Torx Plus�, Tamperproof Torx�, and more!

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