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 CSMC SMT Introduction

 Cooperative SMT Machinery Corp.(CSMC) committed to a global electronic product manufacturing enterprises EMS/OEM. CSMC always providing the most professional, efficient, high-tech, high-quality, high-cost performance of the electronic product manufacturing equipment, the main product is SMT placement machinery. In the past years, CSMC have aid kinds customers improve their SMT processing technology, increase productivity and the entire factory automation, reduce labor, lower labor costs, steadily improved the quality of finished products during the extreme competition of the market. CSMC provide the most professional, most stable, most comprehensive machinery and technical services to keep customers always maintain the core advantages that other competitors can not have.

CSMC is relying on their own sound equipment and technical service system, strong technical support forces and a wealth of experience, information resources and the operation of the market strength. With rapid growth, CSMC have become the SMT placement machinery industry's leading enterprises, particularly in the trade of Siemens SIPLACE machinery and after-sales field.


1), Siemens SIPLACE series placement machine repairing, installation, maintenance, retrofit, technical renovation services.

2), Siemens SIPLACE series placement machine accessories, spare parts repairing service.

3), Siemens SIPLACE series placement machine technology training.

4), Siemens SIPLACE series placement machine equipment trade.

5), SMT production line equipment lease.


1), Had worked for many global electronics companies, manufacturing plants for SMT equipment improved, expansion, renovation, technical training services.

2), Professional engineers in CSMC, 80 percent of the technical staff have college education.

3), Professional trainers are responsible for the Siemens SIPLACE machinery technology training.

4), Has sufficient equipment inventory, can meet customer urgent requirement fully.

5), Has equipment renovation factories, special tools and measuring instruments, can meet customers any harsh demands for SMT equipment repairing.

6), High-quality management team, responsible for the perfect communication with customers.

CSMC always believe the service concept "Think customers are thinking, be anxious on customers urgency", and constantly improve the technological level and service quality. Help customers reduce costs, create value for customers.

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