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The leading supplier of cleaners and lubricants for critical environments.



MicroCare is the world leader in bench top cleaning, coating and lubricating. Our specialty are those "critical cleaning" applications in which a product has to work each time, every time, all the time. Good examples include: stencil cleaning, electronics rework and repair, aerospace, medical devices and telecommunications.  MicroCare also offers clever tools and production aids that enhance the performance of the chemical products. The net result of these innovations are improved efficiencies, lower costs, higher quality, reduced worker exposures to chemicals, and the minimization of any environmental impacts.

Markets served with these products include: 

  • Electronic Assembly, such as Stencil Cleaning and Reflow Oven Maintenance

  • Medical Devices / Life Sciences  

  • Electronic Rework & Repair

  • Aerospace & Military

  • Injection Molding

  • Mining & Extraction (Petrochemical)

  • Telecommunications (Fiber Optics)

  • Photonics

    and many more...

 MicroCare enhances these products with specialized engineering support and the best "product stewardship" program in the industry. Other support includes the development and deployment of chemical handling "best practices", overall process management, and information and products on the fast-changing issues involving regulatory compliance such as CARB, REACh, OSHA, WEEE and ROHS. 

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Aerosol 1 gallon Pail 5 gallon Pail 55 gallon Drum Huge Cleaning Power on Fluxes and Pastes Double-Duty as Powerful Degreaser Low Aroma, No Residues Nonflammable Instant Drying...



Aerosol Pump Spray 1 gallon Pail 5 gallon Pail 55 gallon Drum Ultra-Pure Isopropyl Alcohol Mild and Safe Excellent Compatibility with Components and Plastics Leaves No Residues Trigger Grip� compatible...


Axarel� 2200

Aerosol 1 gallon Pail 5 Gallon Pail 55 Gallon Drum A Triple-Threat Defluxer, Degreaser and Stencil Cleaner Strong, Versatile Cleaning Relatively Slow Drying for Economical Cleaning Generally Plastic-Safe Ultra-Pure Evaporates Complete...

Axarel� 2200

LubriClean� Zero-VOC Defluxer/Degreaser

Aerosol 1 gallon pail 5 gallon Pail 55 gallon Drum Medium-Strength Defluxer/Degreaser Slower Drying for "Vanishing Oil" Lubrication Absolutely Plastic-Safe 100% VOC Exempt ZERO VOCs Excellent Toxicity Ratings Dissolves Silicone Resid...

LubriClean� Zero-VOC Defluxer/Degreaser


Aerosol Aerosol w/ Brush Presaturated Wipe Presaturated Wipe Refill 1 gallon Pail 5 gallon Pail 55 gallon Drum Mil-Spec Quality Defluxing from This Unique Blend of Three Alcohols Out-Cleans Ordinary IPA Absolutely Plastic-Safe Ext...


Economy Stencil Wipes featuring MultiClean� Solvent

Presaturated Wipe Presaturated Wipe Refill 1 gallon Cube 5 gallon Cube 55 gallon Drum Mild, Planet-Friendly Stencil Cleaner and Surface Cleaner Water-Based, So It's Nonflammable Best-Selling Presaturated Wipe for Stencil Cleaning Easi...

Economy Stencil Wipes featuring MultiClean� Solvent


Your very best choice for lead-free fluxes and pastes, this cleaner is the least-expensive nonflammable, ozone-safe cleaner on the market today. Not only does it remove lead-free residues, it actually prevents the formation of white residues. It's no...



The greenest industrial aerosol available from anybody. This is a medium-strength, medium-priced defluxer/degreaser that has ultra-low VOC ratings, almost no Global Warming impact and completely ozone-safe. Absolutely plastic-safe and with excellent...


Flux Remover C

Fast-drying, nonflammable defluxer to replace HCFC-141b and other ozone-depleting solvents. Available in aerosols and bulk; money-saving Trigger Grip compatible. This is a very versatile defluxer and light-duty degreaser. Dries almost instantly, no a...

Flux Remover C

Bioact� EC7M�

Aerosol 1 Gallon Pail 5 Gallon Pail 55 Gallon Drum Economical Because It's Slower-Drying Great On Hardened Flux Residues Evaporates Completely; No Rinsing Required Powerful Remover of Most Glues, Adhesives and Even Tar Trigger Grip� Co...

Bioact� EC7M�

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MicroCare Introduces Cutting-Edge Tergo™ Cleaning Fluids to Precision Cleaning Fluid Line

Jun 10, 2024 | MicroCare LLC is proud to announce the expansion of its precision cleaning fluid line with the introduction of new Tergo™ vapor degreasing cleaning fluids. These innovative cleaning solutions are designed to meet diverse industrial technical cleaning needs with distinctive formulas that deliver reliable and repeatable cleaning performance.

MicroCare, LLC Named a Best Place to Work in Connecticut for 2024

Mar 18, 2024 | MicroCare LLC is thrilled to announce that they have been named a Best Place to Work in Connecticut for 2024, marking the second consecutive year of this prestigious recognition. Presented by the Hartford Business Journal, this award celebrates companies that excel in creating exceptional workplace environments for their employees.

Vince Libercci Appointed as MicroCare National Sales Manager

Jan 22, 2024 | MicroCare is pleased to announce the appointment of Vince Libercci as National Sales Manager. With a wealth of experience in the industry spanning decades, Vince Libercci is well-positioned to lead and elevate MicroCare's national sales operations.

MicroCare Welcomes Lu Anne Green as the New Chief Operating Officer

Jan 15, 2024 | MicroCare is pleased to announce the appointment of Lu Anne Green as the Chief Operating Officer (COO). With a history of excellence in manufacturing and operational leadership, she brings a wealth of experience and expertise to this pivotal position. Green's impressive career spans multiple industries, and she has consistently demonstrated a commitment to quality and efficiency in manufacturing and operations.

MicroCare Celebrates 40 Years as a Trusted Global Provider of Critical Cleaning Solutions

Oct 30, 2023 | MicroCare LLC is proud to announce its 40th anniversary. Since its founding in October 1983, MicroCare has grown from humble beginnings into a trusted world-class company with facilities and distribution centers across the United States, Europe, and Asia.

MicroCare Welcomes Dan Sinclair as Strategic Account Executive

Jul 31, 2023 | MicroCare, LLC is pleased to announce the appointment of Dan Sinclair as a Strategic Account Executive. In this newly created role, Sinclair will be responsible for devising strategies to improve services and build positive relationships with MicroCare's key clients.

Venesia Hurtubise Appointed as MicroCare VP of Technology & Compliance

Jul 19, 2023 | MicroCare, LLC is pleased to announce the appointment of Venesia Hurtubise as the Vice President of Technology & Compliance. In this newly created role, Hurtubise will be responsible for driving the company's technological advancements and ensuring regulatory compliance across its global operations.

MicroCare Announces the Hiring of Rebecca Mahoney as Senior Quality Control Chemist

Apr 11, 2023 | MicroCare is pleased to announce the hiring of Rebecca Mahoney as Senior Quality Control Chemist. Mahoney brings over 12 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and industrial biotechnology industries, where she conducted analytical techniques to support product development.

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