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3D SPI-6500 solder paste thickness gauge

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3D SPI-6500 solder paste thickness gauge

3D SPI-6500 solder paste thickness gauge


3D SPI-6500 solder paste thickness gauge


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3D SPI-6500 solder paste thickness gauge Description:

Detailed introduction of 3D spi-6500 solder paste thickness gauge

 Product function

1. Friendly programming interface

2. Multiple measurement methods

3. The scanning distance is adjustable

4. 3D simulation function of image

5. Independent 3D dynamic viewer

6. Powerful SPC function

7. First build back to screen center function

8. It can measure the thickness of screen printing and copper sheet

 Product features

1. The original German imported high-definition color camera is adopted to ensure the high precision and high stability of the test.

2. The second-class laser of military grade is used, which is less interfered by external environment light source, more stable and longer service life.

3. Flexible hardware design, light source, laser and camera can be used to test PCB with different colors.

4. The software analysis conditions are based on the database, and the early warning function is realized according to the analysis conditions, which is intuitive and easy to understand.

5. Powerful report analysis function, automatic generation of r-chart, X-bar, automatic calculation of CPK.

6. Export detailed and complete SPC report, avoid all kinds of disadvantages of handwritten report.

7. The software adopts a simple and practical concept, focusing on the high-precision design of the test, and the repeatability accuracy of the correction block reaches ± 0.001mm.

Three different 3D display modes to reproduce real 3D images

 Product parameters

1. Product model: spi-6500

2. Application: solder paste. Red glue BGA.FPC.CSP

3. Measurement items: thickness, area, volume, 3D shape, plane distance

4. Measurement principle: laser 3-angle function method can automatically calculate and display PCB deformation or tilt angle n

5. Software language: Chinese / English n

6. Lighting source: white LED

7. Measuring light source: red laser module N Y axis moving range: 50 MMN

8. Measurement method: Automatic full screen measurement. Frame selection automatic measurement. Frame selection manual measurement n

9. Field of vision: 5mm * 7mmn

10. Camera pixel: 3 million / field of view n

12. Maximum resolution: 0.1 column

13. Scanning interval: 4 um / 8 um / 10 um / 12 column

14. Repeat measurement accuracy: height less than plus or minus 1um, area < 1%, volume < 1% N, magnification: 50xn

15. Maximum measurable height: 5 MMN

16. Maximum measurement speed: 250profiles / Sn

16. 3D mode: face, line and point three different 3D simulation images, which can be scaled and rotated n

17. SPC Software: production line data, printing data, solder paste data, steel mesh data, independent analysis of measurement results, X-bar & R diagram analysis, histogram analysis & CA / CP / CPK output, sigma automatic judgment of n

18. Operating system: windows7n

19. Computer system: dual core P4, 2G memory, 20 inch LCDn

20. Power supply: 220V 50 / 60hzn

21. Maximum power consumption: 300wn

22. Weight: about 35kgn

23. Overall dimension: L * w * H (400 mm * 550 mm * 360 mm)

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