Dow Electronic Materials

DEM develops and markets highly sophisticated materials used in the electronic materials segment of the global electronics value chain.


Dow Electronic Materials, formerly Rohm and Haas Electronic Materials, is one of Dow Advanced Materials Division’s five core business groups. It was created by the company's acquisition of several companies including Shipley Company, LeaRonal Inc., Rodel Inc. and Morton International. Building on the history and leadership established by these companies, Dow Electronic Materials now comprises four business units: Semiconductor Technologies, Interconnect Technologies, Display Technologies, and Growth Technologies.

Today, Dow Electronic Materials maintains leading positions and strong market share in every segment in which it operates. Dow Electronic Materials is uniquely positioned in its ability to develop and deliver innovative products through its agile, independent business units:

  • Semiconductor Technologies
    • Products used in semiconductor and related industries
    • Advanced photoresists, anti-reflectants, developers, electroplating chemistries, and related materials
    • Advanced pad and slurry technologies for planarizing and polishing semiconductors, silicon wafers, and storage media
    • Leading edge technology that supports the advancement of semiconductor device “shrinks”
  • Interconnect Technologies
    • Enabling technologies in metallization and imaging  products used to manufacture high end printed circuit boards
    • Innovation that enables smaller, high-density and high-throughput circuit boards focusing on High-Density Interconnection and Integrated Circuit package substrate solutions
    • Metallization products used in the electronic component and industrial surface finishing markets
  • Display Technologies
    • Large, growing market
    • Core technologies
      1. Electrochemistry
      2. Particle Engineering
      3. Photochemistry
      4. Polymer Technology
      5. Surface Science
    • Driven by technology differentiation
      1. Multi-functional films
      2. LED backlight-optimized films
      3. Display chemicals
  • Growth Technologies
    • Materials used in advanced packaging of semiconductor Metallization, Lithography and Assembly
    • Advanced precursor materials used in chemical vapor and atomic layer deposition for semiconductor and compound semiconductor applications
    • Enabling materials for semiconductor processing
    • Materials for infrared, laser, thermal imaging and other optical applications

Dow Electronic Materials Postings

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Silicone Thermally Conductive Grease: Improving Thermal Management of Electronic Assemblies

Sep 30, 2020 | Carlos Montemayor

Introduction •Market trend: Smaller, more efficient, more powerful, run faster •ICs and other sophisticated electronic components typically operate efficiently only under a certain range of temperatures •Operational temperatures must be kept within a suitable range • Excessive heat can damage performance and can even cause system failure...

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Dow Electronic Materials to Showcase Leading Materials for Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing at the IPC APEX EXPO

Apr 06, 2011 | Dow Electronic Materials will showcase its innovative materials for printed circuit boards (PCBs) at this year’s IPC APEX EXPO. Dow will feature a number of its latest products that are tailored to meet the requirements of increasingly complex circuit boards while delivering ever-higher reliability and consistency. Dow’s next-generation of high quality, cost-effective technologies allow customers to meet future market requirements.

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