From the Irvine, CA office Nanovea began designing and manufacturing instruments after years of experience in providing solutions for profilometry, mechanical and tribology applications.

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Nanovea began designing and manufacturing instruments after years of experience in providing solutions for profilometry, mechanical and tribology applications. Firmly aligned with its vision, Nanovea aims to simplify advanced measurement technology to stimulate materials engineering for the common good. Ease of use, advanced automation and the dedication to superior accuracy are the driving forces behind Nanovea’s full range of Profilometers, Mechanical Testers and Tribometers. Unlike other manufacturers, Nanovea also provides Laboratory & consulting services. Thus, clients are given access to years of experience in finding solutions to improve quality control and materials development. Nanovea offers many critically important tests including surface roughness, nanoindentation, scratch and wear testing among many others. Nanovea’s instruments can be found internationally in distinguished educational and industrial organizations ranging from automotive to cosmetic, biotechnology to medical devices to microelectronics and space applications. Thousands of clients rely on Nanovea for accurate solutions, technically superior instruments, experienced assistance and comprehensive laboratory services. Today’s Standard for Tomorrow’s Materials.

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Lab Testing Services

Nanovea offers clients worldwide to an unmatched range of Nano, Micro & Macro Mechanical, Metallurgy, Tribology and 3D Non-Contact or AFM materials characterization. Measurements include: Scratch Adhesion, Indentation Hardness, Wear Friction,...

Test Services

Lab Testing Services


The Nanovea Tribometer (TableTop 60 x 39 x 62cm) offers precise and repeatable wear and friction testing using pin-on-disk and linear modes. Designed, at the core, with a high quality motor and a 20bit position encoder, the Tribometer provides...



3D Non Contact Profilometers

Nanovea 3D Non-Contact Profilometers are designed with leading edge optical pens using superior white light axial chromatism. Nano through macro range is obtained during measurement (Profile Dimension, Roughness Finish Texture, Shape Form Topog...


3D Non Contact Profilometers

Nanomechanical | Micromechanical Tester

Nanovea Mechanical Testers provide unmatched multi-function Nano and Micro/Macro modules on a single platform. Both the Nano and Micro/Macro modules include scratch tester, hardness tester and wear tester modes providing the widest and most use...

Nanomechanical | Micromechanical Tester

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Warpage Measurement of PCB With 3D Metrology

Jun 09, 2011 | Craig Leising

Flatness measurement of electronic parts and assemblies, or PCB’s, has become increasingly critical as geometries become smaller: finer pitches, smaller solder ball volumes, thinner substrates, etc. Additionally, processing temperatures vary and can pla...

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Nanovea Unveils Its New Revolutionary N3 Line

Jan 20, 2012 | Nanovea today announced the arrival of the N3 line dedicated to providing high-end measurement technology to the broader market. Nanovea has fully automated their measurement techniques while designing to price in the $20K market.

Breakthrough Indentation Yield Strength Test

Jul 26, 2011 | Nanovea introduced its patent pending breakthrough method of reliably acquiring yield strength through indentation; ultimately replacing the traditional tensile testing machine for yield strength measurement.


Jun 14, 2011 | The white light axial chromatism technique utilized by Nanovea’s 3D Non Contact Profilometers has become widely known as a vital bench top research and verification tool. It is now the Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) environments that have begun to acknowledge Nanovea’s superior capability. Unlike the traditional vision and laser systems that typically sacrifice one feature for another, speed or resolution, Nanovea provides both. Vision and laser systems also have very limited automated surface measurement options, where as Nanovea’s system provides a wide range including: Profile, Dimension, Roughness, Shape & Form, Flatness & Planarity, Volume Area, Step-Height Depth and Thickness. And keep in mind, the technique utilized by Nanovea’s inspection system has the superior ability to measure nearly any material surface and zero influence from sample reflectivity or absorption.

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