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We work with electronics industry suppliers to provide top quality technical documentation for their products. Services include: ghost writing, presentation creation and training program development.

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Chrys Shea has been analyzing circuit assembly processes for nearly 20 years, and is well known for her common-sense, practical approach to resolving processing issues. She has been sharing her research findings and observations the past 10 years, authoring numerous technical articles and regular magazine columns on a variety of PCB assembly-related topics.

Chrys earned her Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Massachusetts, and her Master's Degree in Manufacturing Engineering from the University of Rhode Island.

After a long engineering career working with some of our industry's top assemblers and suppliers, she recently founded Shea Engineering Services to focus on technical writing and publishing.

Shea Engineering Services Postings

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Fine Tuning The Stencil Manufacturing Process and Other Stencil Printing Experiments

Nov 21, 2013 | Chrys Shea, Shea Engineering Services; Ray Whittier, Vicor Corporation

Previous experimentation on a highly miniaturized and densely populated SMT assembly revealed the optimum stencil alloy and flux-repellent coating for its stencil printing process. Production implementation of the materials that were identified in the study resulted in approximately 5% print yield improvement across all assemblies throughout the operation, validating the results of the initial tests. A new set of studies was launched to focus on the materials themselves, with the purpose of optimizing their performance on the assembly line (...) Results of the prior tests are reviewed, and the new test vehicle, experimental setup and results are presented and discussed....

Evaluation of Stencil Foil Materials, Suppliers and Coatings

Dec 08, 2011 | Chrys Shea - Shea Engineering Services, Ray Whittier - Vicor Corporation

The past few years have brought PCB assemblers a multitude of choices for SMT stencil materials and coatings. In addition to the traditional laser-cut stainless steel (SS) or electroformed nickel, choices now include SS that has been optimized for laser c...

Quantitative Evaluation of New SMT Stencil Materials

Jun 29, 2011 | Chrys Shea, Quyen Chu, Sundar Sethuraman, Rajoo Venkat ,Jeff Ando, Paul Hashimoto

High yields in the stencil printing process are essential to a profitable SMT assembly operation. But as circuit complexity continues to increase, so do the challenges of maintaining a successful solder paste deposition process. To help assemblers address...

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