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Apollo Seiko Soldering Robot Iron Tip

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Manufacturer and supplier of replacement soldering tips for soldering irons and soldering robots, automatic tape dispenser, automatic label dispenser, screw feeder, etc.

Shenzhen, China

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  • Phone +86 755 29472883

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Apollo Seiko Soldering Robot Iron Tip

Apollo Seiko Soldering Robot Iron Tip


Apollo Seiko Soldering Robot Iron Tip


Soldering Robots

Offered by:

Leisto Industrial Co., Limited


Apollo Seiko Soldering Robot Iron Tip Description:

Designed to meet Lead free soldering requirements.

A high precision themocouple is built in to the apex of the iron tip, a minimal temperature drop can be quickly detected and recovered, temperature can reach 300° C within 6 seconds. Quick change cartridge type iron provides for consistent location and  height adjustment with each tip change.

The Apollo Soldering Tips models:

  • D series tips: 08D, 10D, 13D, 16D, 20D, 24D, 30D, 40D, 50D, 60D, 80D
  • D-2 series tips: 08D-2, 10D-2, 13D-2, 16D-2, 20D-2, 24D-2, 30D-2, 40D-2, 50D-2, 60D-2
  • DV2 series tips: 13DV2, 16DV2, 20DV2, 24DV2, 30DV2, 40DV2, 50DV2
  • DV1 series tips: 10DV1, 13DV1, 16DV1, 20DV1, 24DV1, 30DV1, 40DV1, 50DV1
  • BCV1 series tips: 20BCV1, 24BCV1, 30BCV1, 40BCV1
  • DV1-2 series tips: 10DV1-2, 13DV1-2, 16DV1-2, 20DV1-2, 24DV1-2, 30DV1-2, 40DV1-2, 50DV1-2, 60DV1-2, 80DV1-2
  • PC series tips: 10PC, 13PC, 16PC, 20PC, 24PC, 30PC, 40PC, 50PC, 60PC
  • PVC series tips: 20PVC2, 24PVC2, 30PVC2, 40PVC2, 50PVC2
  • FPR series tips: 16FPR, 20FPR, 24FPR, 30FPR, 40FPR, 50FPR
  • R series tips: 20R, 24R, 30R, 40R, 50R
  • UPL series tips: 16UPL, 22UPL, 32UPL

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