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DP8051CPU - 5th generation of World's fastest 8051 core with advanced PMU

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DCD is a leading IP Core provider and SoC design house. The company was founded in 1999 and since the early beginning is considered as an expert in IP Cores architecture improvements.

Bytom, Poland

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Digital Core Design


DP8051CPU - 5th generation of World's fastest 8051 core with advanced PMU Description:


• Almost 20 times faster than original 80C51

• 24 times faster multiplication (12 division)

• Special Function Registers

The DP8051CPU is an ultra high performance, speed optimized soft core, of a single-chip 8-bit embedded controller, intended to operate with fast (typically on-chip) and slow (off-chip) memories. The core has been designed with a special concern about performance to power consumption ratio. This ratio is extended by an advanced power management PMU unit.

The DP8051CPU soft core is 100% binary-compatible with the industry standard 8051 8-bit microcontroller. There are two configurations of DP8051CPU: Harvard, where internal data and program buses are separated and von Neumann, with common program and external data bus. The DP8051CPU has a Pipelined RISC architecture and executes 120-300 million instructions per second. Dhrystone 2.1 benchmark program runs from 11.46 to 15.55 times faster, than the original 80C51 at the same frequency. The same C compiler was used for benchmarking of the core vs 80C51 with the same settings. This performance can also be exploited to great advantage in low power applications, where the core can be clocked over ten times more slower than the original implementation, without performance depletion.

The DP8051CPU is delivered with fully automated testbench and complete set of tests, allowing easy package validation, at each stage of SoC design flow.
Each of the DCD's 8051 Core has built-in support for DCD Hardware Debug System, called DoCDTM. It is a real-time hardware debugger, which provides debugging capability of a whole System on Chip (SoC).

Unlike other on-chip debuggers, the DoCDTM provides non-intrusive debugging of running application. It can halt, run, step into or skip an instruction, read/write any contents of microcontroller, including all registers, internal and external program memories and all SFRs, including user defined peripherals. More details about DCD on Chip Debugger


■ 100% software compatible with industry standard 8051
■ Pipelined RISC architecture
■ 15.55 times faster than the original 80C51 at the same frequency
■ Up to 14,632 VAX MIPS at 100 MHz
■ 24 times faster multiplication
■ 12 times faster division
■ Up to 256 bytes of internal (on-chip) Data Memory
■ Up to 64K bytes of internal (on-chip) or external (off-chip) Program Memory
■ Up to 16M bytes of external (off-chip) Data Memory
■ User programmable Program Memory Wait States
■ User programmable External Data Memory Wait States
■ De-multiplexed Address/Data bus to allow easy memory connection
■ Interface for additional Special Function Registers
■ Fully synthesizable
■ Static synchronous design
■ Positive edge clocking and no internal tri-states
■ Scan test ready

Tech Specs

FPGA - Altera , Xilinx

Type - Soft Firm  

Equivalent Part - 100% software compatible with industry standard 8051

Availability - now


Silicon Proven : 180nm (CM018MG); 180nm (CL018LV); 180nm (CL018LP); 130nm (CL013LVOD); 130nm (CL013LV); 130nm (CL013G); 130nm (CL013FSG)
Pre-Silicon : 180nm (CL018G)


Silicon Proven : 0.25µm; 0.18µm; 130nm

FPGA Technology:

Altera: Stratix IV , Stratix III, Stratix II, Stratix, Cyclone III, Cyclone II, Cyclone,
Xilinx: Virtex-6, Virtex-5, Spartan-6, Spartan-3E, Spartan-3A, Spartan-3,
Actel: SX-A, RT ProASIC3, ProASICPLUS, eX, Axcelerator,

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