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Tech-X develops an ERP software platform called Cetec ERP for distributors and high-mix / low-volume manufacturers. Cetec ERP helps manufacturers meet strict requirements for medical/military markets.

Austin, Texas, USA

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Cetec ERP

Cetec ERP


Cetec ERP



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Tech-X, Inc.


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Cetec ERP (by Tech-X) is a proven ERP software solution to help distributors and manufacturers run efficiently. The Cetec ERP platform has served multi-billion dollar, multi-national corporations and small, family businesses.  Cetec ERP contains extensible features, tying together the major business functions (sales, purchasing, accounting, warehouse, production, QA, document management, reporting, etc.) for a unified, automated system of operations. 

What sets Cetec ERP apart from other ERPs?

1. CLOUD CAPABLE.  Cetec ERP is accessed via Chrome web browsers, and can be hosted in the cloud or on premise; your preference.

2. INEXPENSIVE.  Cetec ERP is anywhere from ten to twenty times cheaper than tier I ERPs like SAP and Oracle.

3. CUSTOMIZABLE.  If it's not already a feature, Cetec ERP can make it happen. Cetec ERP does not lock you into processes; if you see a growth opportunity (i.e. new customer process requirement, etc.) - make the customization and win the business. Customizable ERP software is a luxury typically afforded only by Fortune 500 companies, now made uniquely available to small/midsize businesses (SMBs) by Cetec ERP.

4. COMPETE IN MEDICAL / MILITARY. Cetec ERP can help you efficiently meet strict customer and certification requirements (ISO, ITAL, etc.) in medical markets or military markets. E.g. - simultaneously deliver work instructions, collect data, and enforce process controls during the build process.

5. PRODUCTION CENTERED.   A common complaint of other ERPs is that they are essentially just accounting software at core with a bunch of extra stuff added on to it to "make it work" for manufacturing.  Cetec ERP is very robust from a production standpoint, and ties the production data across all other aspects of a business (down to quoting, purchasing, reporting, accounting, etc.)

6. STABLE.  An ERP that really "works" is evidently not the easiest, or cheapest, thing to come by.  The core Cetec platform has been in use for over 30 years, providing proven ERP solutions to both multi-billion dollar, multi-national corporations and small, family businesses.

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