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TW3 benchtop wave solder machine

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Tripper is a pretty professional and well-experienced manufacturer&supplier who focus on developing, making and selling the economical and compact-size solder paste printer, Pick and Place, reflow oven, wave solder machine, Thanks

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TW3 benchtop wave solder machine

TW3 benchtop wave solder machine


TW3 benchtop wave solder machine


Wave Soldering

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Tripper Technology Limited


TW3 benchtop wave solder machine Description:

TW3 is the best benchtop wave solder machine with the most cost-efficiency, but it is functional over your expection, fully like the full-size wave solder machine, Please see details below:

1). It can run either leaded or lead-free process, its entire solder pot and carrier fingers are made of Titanium metal, the preheating temp. and time, the soldering temp. and time can be easily obtained with the settings of the temp. controllers and timer.

2). It can run the heavy boards even with fixture. its unique conveying system is powerful and balanced on the both side like the large full-size wave machine.

3). It can handle the long lead protrusion of the through-hole parts, its conveying/soldering angle and soldering nozzle can be fine-adjusted to fit for the different parts like the large full-size wave machine.

4). Minimum solder dross, the wave motor can be timing activated. when the board goes to the soldering pot, the wave is activated, the wave will not idle run. it can also save some energy.

5). Energy-saving, there are two control modes (auto and manual) for the preheaters, auto mode is for normal production, the preheaters will only work when the board is at the preheating process. Manual mode is for some special rework. the preheater will keep heating all the time, the manual/auto mode can be controlled with the switch.

6). Easy setup or installation, it no need the supporting facilities except for the basic electricity with our built-in air silent compressor and portable fume extractor(Options), and it can be placed/installed on the strong wooden crate which is shipped with TW400 for your convenient operation.

7). Easy maintenance, the flux and solder residues can be drained out by faucets and the solder pot can be moved out easily.


PCB Size: 50mmx50mm~400mm(L) x 350mm(W)

Carrier : Titanium Fingers

Conveyor Speed: Adjustable to 2m/min

Fluxer / Capacity: Foam Fluxer / Tank: 3 liters

Flux Types: Water Soluble, Resin Based & No Clean

Preheater Type: Infra-Red "Shot Light"

PCB Preheat Timing: Adjustable up to 20 Minutes (1200 Secends)

Solder Pot Capacity (Lead-free): Approx. 70kg

Solder Pot Features: Titanium, Single Wave, Wave Height Adjustable up to 15mm

Heat Time: Approx. 60~70 Minutes, Low Temperature Pump Detection

Regulated Temperature: up to 350°C

Machine Size: 1300mm L x 820mm W x 620mm 

Weight (Without Solder): Approx. 95Kg

Air pressure requirments: 5 Kg/cm2 (70 psi), or built-in air silent compressor for no air pressure requirement(Option) 

Exhaust Requirements: 7.85L/Min (0.28CFM), or configured with our portable fume extractor for no exhaust emission(Option)

Power Requirements: 220VAC 1 ph 50/60 Hz; 6.2KW (28Amp)


1. Compact size, ideal for electronic DIY, Training, teaching, R&D, laboratory testing, prototype, small-to-medium scale production run.

2. Much cost-efficient, with your lowest budget, it works fully like the large full-size wave solder machine.

3. Easy to use, a new guy can handle it after read the manual or watched the videos.

4. Small solder capacity and minimum solder dross, save your production cost.

5. Maximum output, a few boards (if small size) can be soldered at the same time

6. Intelligent conveying system, the board entrance and exit at the same position, only need one person to run it completely

7. Easy maintenance, the flux can be drained by faucet and the solder pot can be taken out easily

8. Independent and powerful cooling system, cool boards fast.

9. Energy-saving, the special design and configuration of the preheating and soldering system optimize the energy utilization.

10. Environment-friendly, only a little exhaust, if configured with our portable fume extractor(Option), no exhaust emission.

11. Easy to change the location, it can be moved easily with the wheels underneath the machine.

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