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Wraparound Thick Film Chip Resistors

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US manufacturer of microelectronic surface mount components including chip resistors, chip attenuators, RF terminations, dividers, splitters, couplers, low pass filters and thermal management devices.

Portsmouth, Rhode Island, USA

Consultant / Service Provider, Manufacturer

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 Wraparound Thick Film Chip Resistors

 Wraparound Thick Film Chip Resistors


Wraparound Thick Film Chip Resistors



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International Manufacturing Services (IMS)


Wraparound Thick Film Chip Resistors Description:

RCX Series Resistors
Versatile Wrap-Around Chip

With resistance values from 1ohm to 1Teraohm, RCX Series resistors are ideal for a wide variety of applications. Wraparound terminations are perfect for epoxy or solder attachment.

RXI Series Resistors
Off-the-shelf Nickel Barrier Layer Wraparound Chip

RXI Series (RCI) resistors feature wraparound terminals with a nickel barrier for leach prevention and a 100% Matte Tin Finish. These resistors provide a precise, stable and cost effective design solution many application.

HCX Series Resistors
Ultra High-Value Wrap-Around Chip

Don't overpay for 'line-painted' serpentine pattern resistors made one-at-a-time. IMS leads the industry in high value
resistors, providing a superior, cost effective alternative to individually ‘line-painted’ resistors without sacrificing performance. IMS production process delivers the same performance, faster and for less! IMS' high value resistors are the superior solution when looking for high ohmic values.


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