Central business area is the field of test and assembly machines for pcbs, electronic components + products: automation, production lines, test systems, in-circuit, functional and eol test, test plugs

Manufacturer of Assembly Equipment, Inspection, Test Services

ENGMATEC’s central business area is the development and production of systems in the field of assembly automation and testing technology. ENGMATEC GmbH is globally present as a market leader in the field of test and assembly machines for electronic components and products.

The automation division comprises completely and partially automated production lines, rotary index tables, robotics, stand-alone stations and handheld devices.In addition to the assembly mounting the systems are often equipped with integrated measurement and test systems.
The field of measuring and test equipment includes standard modules for in-circuit testing and functional testing (desk adapters, drawer adapters, in-line test systems), temperature testing systems and connections for electronic plugs.

In addition, an extensive board handling program for printed circuit boards, soldering frames and workpiece carriers complements the product range:

- Conveyors
- Loader / Unloader
- Handling systems
- Buffers
- Marking- and Recognizing-Units

Focal points are the areas of telecommunications, automotive industry, computer engineering, household appliances and equipment, activities in RF and RV engineering and entertainment electronics.

The company, based at Lake Constance, covers the full spectrum of services from design to service and maintenance.

ENGMATEC is certified according to DIN ISO 9001.

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Test unit for in-circuit, functional and end test

The ENGMATEC test handler is characterized by the wide-ranging spectrum of applications for in-circuit, functional or end tests. All components of the module system are matched with each other and can be combined with each other as well...

Test Equipment

Test unit for in-circuit, functional and end test

Test adapters for ICT and functional test of PCBs and assemblies

The standard range of products comprises mechanical and pneumatic test adapters for functional tests of assemblies and equipment. The comprehensive adapter system is characterized by very flexible fields of application. The test equipment is de...

Test Equipment

Test adapters for ICT and functional test of PCBs and assemblies

Assembly systems

ENGMATEC provides solutions for the most different production processes, from assembly to packaging. Depending on requirements, ENGMATEC designs assembly systems from the single workstation to high-volume production....

Assembly Services

Assembly systems

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Flexible test fixture concept reduces investment costs

Apr 12, 2013 | ENGMATEC will present at the SMT 2013 in Nuremberg/Germany a new test concept with a standardized fixture kit for manual test adapters and inline test equipment.

Software for SMT

x-ray inspection system