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Vigilant Components is an independent, specialist electronic components sourcing company, offering high integrity component sourcing, component testing, component verification.

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Vigilant Components is an independent, specialist electronic components sourcing company, offering high integrity component sourcing, component testing, component verification.

We offer high quality electronic component distribution services for OEMs and EMS companies in the UK and beyond. Whether you're looking for more customer-focussed components services, or an electronics component specialist able to source obsolete components, long lead-time components or hard-to-find components, we can help! In addition, with our in-house component test laboratory and an array of inspection services Vigilant is setting the standards for counterfeit component detection.

Component sourcing. Component testing. Component verification. Component management. Component delivery. We're your one-stop electronic component supplier.

Extending lead times and the need to manage component obsolescence are ever present challenges in the electronics supply chain. These mean that electronic buyers often have to look outside traditional franchised electronic component distributors to solve their component shortages.

Why choose Vigilant for your electronic component requirements?

Vigilant Components has raised the bar in component sourcing and counterfeit detection. With a dedicated in-house component test laboratory that offers industry-leading counterfeit component detection processes developed in accordance with the IDEA-STD-1010-B inspection standard, plus state of the art X-Ray equipment, ISO9001 and AS9120 registered quality systems, and a global reach thanks to UK and offshore purchasing teams, Vigilant Components is the ideal supply chain partner to handle all your electronic component requirements.

Not only do we test and verify all electronic components we source, but we also provide a full test, verification and counterfeit detection service for components our customers have purchased themselves. In addition, as part of the £30m Paragon Electronics Group of specialist electronics companies, Vigilant offers a broad range of component kitting and supply chain management services.

Vigilant focuses on high service distribution and is committed to evolving and extending its services portfolio beyond simply sourcing and shipping products.

No matter how complex your electronic component requirements, we'll manage your supply chain...Vigilantly.

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Obsolescence Management

OEMs and EMS companies can regularly encounter problems with critical components when they discover that these are no longer available. These may be required for an imminent assembly job for which inventory and/or WIP is already building up and...


Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

As part of our Total Component Management™ (TCM®) solution, Vigilant Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) is a line-side, BoM-based service. Delivering instant access to required electronic components, Vigilant VMI substantially reduces the...


Component Kitting

Thanks to the resources and track record of the Paragon Electronics Group, Vigilant can provide its customers with the industry leading Total Component Management™ (TCM®) electronic component kitting services. Uniting our core skills...


Component Testing & Verification

Vigilant provides an array of component testing and verification services. Not only do we test and verify all electronic components we source, but we can also provide a full component test and  verification service for components our custo...

Test Equipment

Component Sourcing

Vigilant's reach and experience in the international component sourcing market ensures we pass on a distinct competitive advantage to our customers. If your components are out there, we will find them! Strategic component p...


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Component Obsolescence Still Driving the Counterfeit Market

Apr 12, 2013 | Ben Farrer, Business Development Manager, Vigilant Components

As change is inevitable, therefore so is obsolescence. In the electronics sector, stocks of components used in subassemblies will eventually run out, no surprise there! However on many occasions, particularly in the often long product life cycles associated with the traditional UK OEM’s in the industrial, military and medical sectors, to name but three, component supply gets ‘difficult’ long before the customers products themselves reach their ‘end of life’. Component manufacturers work to a commercial agenda; when the popularity of a specific device wanes, or indeed when new features are demanded by the market, they will cease production and redeploy their manufacturing capacity to devices that are being demanded by their high volume customers; the global players....

Be Vigilant: It’s a Jungle Out There

Apr 12, 2013 | Chris Johnson is Group Chief Executive of Paragon Electronics Ltd

Here Chris talks about the pitfalls, the paucity of safe options for manufacturers seeking rare components, and his exasperation with organisations that appear to shelve common sense at the first sign of a shortage. He shares his ‘no nonsense’ approach to getting things right first time, and explains his thinking in establishing an independent distributor focused exclusively on delivering 100% component integrity....

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Vigilant Components hits the ground running

Apr 12, 2013 | When the Paragon Electronics Group decided to establish a new business in the form of a specialist independent component distributor in late 2011, they knew they were entering a somewhat crowded marketplace. However based on its mix of global sourcing capability and a sophisticated in-house component test laboratory, the company’s mission to support OEMs and CEMs by locating problem parts and offer the UK’s leading component verification and counterfeit screening services, has got off to a flying start far exceeding the company’s expectationsand forecasts.

Vigilant Components launches online ‘Component Locator’ enquiry function

Apr 12, 2013 | As part of its continuing investment in infrastructure Vigilant Components, the Paragon Electronics Groups’ sourcing and component verification specialist, has launched its online component locator and enquiry service. The new feature to the website allows customers to search for specific components via an intelligent search engine. This facility accesses Vigilant Components’ extensive database of several million components via its global sourcing channels.

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