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Shenzhen pcb manufacturer

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Shenzhen Yuzhixiang Electronics Co., Ltd, also named Sunsoar Precision Electronic ( HK) Limited, is a professional PCB manufacturer, with the strength of 1 - 30 layers of PCB and 1-6 layers of FPC

Shenzhen, China


  • Phone 8675582956801
  • Fax 8675582954160

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Shenzhen pcb manufacturer

Shenzhen pcb manufacturer


Shenzhen pcb manufacturer



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Shenzhen Yuzhixiang Electronics Co., Ltd.


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One-stop Service:
1) PCB design: pls send us your schematic diagram if you have
2) PCB copy:  pls send us a sample board
3) PCB production: pls send us your gerber file / PCB file / Protel file / Autocad file etc with board specification
4) PCBA design: schematic diagram and board specific functions
5) PCBA copy: pls send us sample board (better two samples) and the funtion test themod.
6) PCBA production: PCB file, BOM list is required.

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