Test Medics, Inc.

Test Medics provides In-Circuit & Functional Test Fixture Designs, In-circuit & Functional Testing Services, PCBA analysis & repair services, revision & firmware changes & component level programming.

Repair/Rework, Soldering, Test Services

Test Medics, Inc. was founded in August 2012 by Margy Khoshnood and Bill Albee, with over 50 years combined experience in electronic manufacturing and test.  We provide Component Level Programming, In-Circuit and Functional Test Fixture Designs, In-Circuit and Functional Testing Services, PCBA Analysis and Repair Services, and ECNs to the electronics industry.


  • In-Circuit Test Fixture Design
  • Functional Test Fixture Design
  • In-Circuit Test Services
  • Functional Test Services
  • Analysis of PCBA’s
  • Repair of PCBA’s
  • ECN Modifications to PCBA’s

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Repair and Rework Services

Test Medics will analyze and repair customer's printed circuit board assembly products, program firmware on to components, repair boards by changing components and soldering new ones on to the boards, and retesting them to make sure that they ...

Rework & Repair Services

Component Level Programming

We can program & label your component level devices with your firmware. ...


In-Circuit & Functional Test Services

We provide in-circuit and functional testing for our customer's printed circuit board assembly products.  We can program firmware on to components, analyze failures, repair boards by changing components and soldering new ones on to t...

Test Services

Software for SMT

SMT Custom Nozzles