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PCB Surface Cleaning Machine MLPCM-450

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PCB Surface Cleaning Machine MLPCM-450

PCB Surface Cleaning Machine MLPCM-450


PCB Surface Cleaning Machine MLPCM-450


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PCB Surface Cleaning Machine MLPCM-450 Description:

PCB Surface Cleaning Machine MLPCM-450

PCB Surface Cleaning Machine MLPCM-450

Technical Parameters
1. Independent innovation patent design (patent: 2017SR471774), the industry's first, lets you have the most advanced contact cleaning system in the industry.
2. Using Panasonic PLC programmable control system, SAMKOON touch screen, easy to operate and easy to understand.
3. Double imported sticky rollers, automatic lifting work design. Eliminates the need to manually adjust the thickness of the PCB board in the traditional process. (Invention advantage: CN110302985A).
4. The shape of the whole machine is designed with human body technology data, and the shape of the whole machine has independent intellectual property patents (patent number: ZL201930178118.7)
5.The uniquely designed brush device can effectively clean larger dust and protect the abrasion of the sticky roller.
6. Each of the import and export is equipped with a Keyence static eliminator, which can efficiently remove the static electricity remaining on the PCB.
7. The function and effect of the whole machine have obtained the national independent intellectual property patent (patent number: ZL201821339678.2)
8.The transmission of the whole machine adopts a ZD motor, which has stable performance and convenient use.
9.The track width adjustment design has manual and automatic modes, which are convenient and quick to operate.
10.Unique modular structure design, three-color warning lights indicate work.
11.It has the function of automatically detecting faults and displaying the fault IO points on the touch screen, which is simple and clear.
12.Designed with the number or time as the base of the dust removal function, which is convenient to accurately improve the cleanliness of the product.
13.The transmission import and export SENSOR selects Panasonic, and the limit SENSOR selects OMRON, the performance is accurate and stable.
14.There is a central support function in the middle, which plays a key role in dealing with the possible deformation of the large plate.
15.The brush drive adopts a QLead stepping motor, which is highly efficient and energy-saving.
16.The power supply uses Taiwan Mingwei; it is stable and durable.
17.The relay adopts Japanese OMRON, which makes the machine more stable.
18.The ball screw is Japanese THK, with Japanese NSK bearings, which effectively improves the accuracy and life of the machine.
19. Japanese SMC cylinders are selected for brush, central support, and roller lifting.
20. There are multiple working mode options on the touch screen, and the performance is stable.
21. Brush cleaning method: to ensure that there will be no large residues on the surface of the PCB. 22. Sticky roller method: It can easily remove the tiny contaminants on the surface of the PCB
Particles to ensure that the surface of the board is clean.
23. In addition to static electricity device: to ensure the safety of the equipment in production.
24. Dust collection device: effectively collects dust particles recovered in production, avoiding re-pollution of the board surface and machine failure caused by dust particles remaining everywhere.
25. Standard signal: using SMEMA standard 4-core signal line.

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