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Mohammed V University at Agdal offers a wide set of degrees both in the undergraduate and graduate levels.

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Mohammed V University-Agdal  has, over the years, served as the beacon of Moroccan higher education, training Moroccan scientists, engineers, diplomats and government officials since independence.

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Pb-free solders: Comparison of different geometrical models in calculating of enthalpy of mixing of In-Sn-Zn ternary system.

May 22, 2014 | A. Boulouiz, M. El Moudane, M. Mekkaoui, A. Sabbar

In this paper, the general solution model of Chou has been used to predict the integral enthalpies of mixing of liquid In-Sn-Zn ternary alloys in five selected sections, xIn/xSn = 0.15/0.85, 0.34/0.66, 0.50/0.50, 0.67/0.33 and 0.85/0.15. The other traditional models such as Kohler, Muggianu, Toop and Hillert are also included in calculations. Comparison with literature data was done and showed reasonable agreement with Toop and Hillert asymmetric models....

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