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Syagrus Systems specializes in high mix low volume SMD tape and reel packaging to support component distributors and OEM's. Our SMD tape and reel services exceed EIA standards with 100% inspection at lower costs then competitors.

Arden Hills, Minnesota, USA

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Wafer Dicing

Wafer Dicing


Wafer Dicing



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Syagrus Systems


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Our fully automated silicon wafer dicing service consistently meet the tight requirements expected in our industry and demanded by our customers. At Syagrus Systems, we know that a good wafer dicing or wafer cutting process sets the pace for all remaining operations. With a large variety of dicing blades in stock, we can optimize the wafer dicing process to achieve optimal yields for your critical devices.

High Precision Wafer Dicing

To achieve the highest quality wafer dicing possible, double pass cutting is our standard practice. We successfully dice wafers as thin as 0.050mm (0.002") and up to 200mm (8.0") in diameter. We can also perform wafer dicing operations on previously singulated multi-die reticles and partial wafers.

Upon completion of dicing operations, we offer high magnification, fully-automated wafer inspection through our die visual inspection services, to ensure that your wafer is at peak optimization.

Because of our high wafer dicing standards, Syagrus Systems is continually trusted by some of the leading military and medical device manufacturers to deliver defect free die, packed and prepared for automated assembly operations.

We take pride in performing customized silicon wafer dicing services for our customer base. No job is too small or too large for Syagrus Systems. Our systems are flexible enough to accommodate multi-die or "pizza mask" wafers, as well as high volume cutting programs. If you're looking for custom wafer dicing service, don't hesitate to contact us!

Details of our wafer dicing services:

  • Same day cycle time available
  • .250" to 8" flexible dicing workspace capable of sawing multi-die reticles
  • Singulated devices as small as 0.008”
  • Wafers as thin as 0.050 mm (0.002”)
  • Both bumped and non-bumped wafer dicing 
  • Large variety of wafer dicing blades and tapes in stock to handle all customer requirements
  • Surfactant available 
  • Return shipment on saw frame, stretch rings, or continue to inspection and die sort
  • Class 10k cleanroom environment
  • Use our technical staff for your engineering and prototype runs, such as multi die or "pizza mask" wafers

Syagrus Systems is a silicon wafer grinding and dicing company that provides specialized, post fab processes for semiconductor and electronics manufacturers. Our wafer dicing service is customized to fit your needs.

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