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Auto PCB cutting machine

Auto PCB cutting machine

Auto PCB cutting machine


Auto PCB cutting machine



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ASCEN Technology

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ASCEN Technology

Manufacturer of automated production systems;PCB magazine loader,PCB separator,PCB cutting machine,PCB unloaders, PCB conveyors,PCB depaneling machines,PCB turn conveyors,PCB conformal coaters,PCB solder paste printer,PCB buffer

Dongguan, Guangdong, China

Manufacturer of Assembly Equipment, Manufacturer of Test Equipment, OEM, Screen Printing, Selective Soldering

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Auto PCB cutting machine Description:

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Auto PCB cutting machine |PCB automatic separator|PCB separator

Auto PCB cutting machine with multi blades cutting LED stripes with the component and won’t bend and twist after cutting.

If you want know how to choose the best PCB separator for your PCB printed circuit board , please go and check our web:  

or sent your enquiry to email:      Whatsapp/Tel:8613377777085    Skype: supplier889


●Guide can be adjusted vertically to suit different LED board.
●Clearance between the circular blades can be precisely
adjusted by the knob
●Upper and lower circular blades can be reused after regrinding.
●Shape and sizes of the circular blades can be made according
to customer's specifications .
● Standard 2.4M Stainless steel platform(could be custom make)
● Lower cutting stress to improve depaneling effect
●Depaneling 2 PCBs at one time, PCB width could be adjustable from(0~12mm)

Auto PCB cutting machine standard:


Scope of application

Model number



1200*506*333mm          (with 1.2M platform)

2400*506*333mm          (with 2.4M platform)

Cutting speed




PCB Board thickness


Maximum PCB board length


Power Supply

1P AC220V 50Hz or 110V/60Hz




Note: Can customized the bigger Auto PCB cutting machine module for the LED aluminum board with high component.

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