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Ultrasonic face mask Welding Machine

Ultrasonic face mask Welding Machine

Ultrasonic face mask Welding Machine


Ultrasonic face mask Welding Machine


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Ultrasonic face mask Welding Machine Description:

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Ultrasonic face mask Welding Machine

Ultrasonic face mask Welding Machine is used to fuse the elastic bands to the inside of the two ends of the mask body. It is the last processing step of the production of inner ear masks. Only one operator needs to place the mask body in the mask plate. automatic completion. This machine adopts servo and step drive, with precise transmission and adjustable speed.

ASCEN team design full automation face mask making machine to satisfy for face mask mass production,the mask manufacturing machine can use for making disposable type face mask,medical face mask,N95 cup mask,medical surgical mask.

Please open this link:  

To learn more about disposable mask making machine quickly production solution,or sent the email to our engineer: , Whatsapp/Tel: 8613377777085 , Skype: supplier889 

We will help you quickly building the full automatic face mask production line.  

Workflow for only for automatic Outer Ear-loop Face Mask welding Machine:

 (mask blank) manual feeding→auto elastic band feeding→elastic band cutting → elastic band welding → counting → finished products collecting (pile up) → conveyor transferring 

Ultrasonic face mask Welding Machine​ Features:

1. You just need to place the mask ontology in masks disc, follow-up action full automatic operation of equipment.

2. The frame of TB 304 aluminum alloy and stainless steel is not easy to rust, durable, easy to clean, beautiful, etc.

3. Enter the material to the finished product to complete all operation is completed by the machine automatically, ear with direction and style can be equipped according to customer's requirement.

4. Automatic production with excellent welding effect

5. Suitable for 2-4 layers non woven blank mask and stable quality and performance

Please open this link: , you can see the video showing what is the full automation unmanned manufacturing face mask mass production machine. If you want to know the budget to build the face mask masking production line, Please inquiry our ASCEN engineer team(Email:

Ultrasonic face mask Welding Machine​ Specifications:  

Power supply




Air press




Size of mask body


Size of four welding spot

55*75mm (rectangle shape)

Size of rubber band

3mm diameter

Thickness of webbing fabric


Width of webbing


Machine body material

Aluminum alloy



Engineer email:,  Web:

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