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Universal radio test set RST-430

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Founded in 2003 Kontour ETC has been producing equipment of its own design for complex service, prompt calibration and repair of means of communications, primarily for stationary and portable radio stations.

Novosibirsk, Russia


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Universal radio test set RST-430

Universal radio test set RST-430


Universal radio test set RST-430



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Kontour ETC


Universal radio test set RST-430 Description:

A universal radio test set for complete maintenance and repair of FM and AM radio stations of the VHF band

RST-430 is a multipurpose radio measuring device for maintenance of communication equipment in indoor and field conditions.


  • HF generator
  • LF generator
  • Frequency meter
  • Power meter
  • Transmitter test load meter
  • Modulation meter
  • Distortion factor meter
  • AC voltmeter

Measured parameters

  • Carrier-to-noise ratio
  • Transmitter frequency
  • Ringing frequency
  • Frequency deviation
  • Sensitivity of transmitter modulation input
  • Distortion factor of transmitter modulation characteristics
  • Receiver sensitivity, including the signal-to-noise and distortion method (SINAD)
  • Receiver output voltage
  • Selectivity
  • Distortion factor
  • Noise suppressor threshold

Standard scope of supply

  • Radio test set RST-430
  • AC220/12 V power adapter
  • Instrument certificate, testing guidance, operation manual
  • Set of cables
  • Carrying case

Technical characteristics

1. HF generator

Baseband90... 210 MHz

Allowed additional bands  - by agreement with the Customer (frequency step 1 kHz)100kHz...470(527) MHz

Carrier setting error< 10-6*

Deviation in FM mode0.1 ... 20 kHz(step 10 Hz)

Deviation setting error< 10%

Output signal level (step 1 dBm)-60 (-80)... -120 dBm

Level setting intrinsic error< 3 dB

Auxiliary error< 0,1 µV

Amplitude modulation(option)0…100%

QAM setting error< 10%

Modulation signal frequency (step 1 Hz)20 Hz ... 20 kHz 

2. LF generator

Frequency band (step1 Hz)20 Hz ... 20 kHz

Frequency instability< 0.2 Hz

Output signal level (step 10 mV)0 ... 2 V

Setting error< (0.01+0.03*U)V

Distortion factor< 0.3 %

3. Modulation meter

FM deviation0.1 ... 20 kHz

Error< (0.1+0.1*D) kHz

Modulation rate0...100%

Error< 10%

4. Frequency meter

LF10 Hz ... 100 kHz

HF40 MHz... 240 MHz (...1000 MHz)

Reference generator instability< 10-6*

5. Distortion meter

Frequency band20 Hz ... 10 kHz

Limits1... 50 %

Error< (5+5*Kmst)%


6. DC voltmeter

Range0 ... 30 V

Error< (2+2*(Uk/Umst))%

7. AC voltmeter

Range0.02 ... 20 V

Frequency band20 Hz ... 20 kHz

Error< (0.02+0.03*U) V

8. Power meter

Level0,5 ... 20 W (up to 50 W - w/ external attenuator FAD-2, up to 100 W - w/ FAD-3, by agreement with the Customer)   Note that when using the FAD type fix attenuators or analogs for measuring parameters of radio transmitter with the output power above 20 W, the power value measured by the device must be multiplied by the attenuation (fading) ratio of the attenuator by the formula Ratt=10 to the power of Ratt, dB/10)

Error< [10+(Pk/Pmst)] %

* If necessary, a reference generator with stability of up to 5*10-7 can be added.
NVRAM can be used for storage of the test results.
The device can be supplied with a power source which provides not less than 4 hours offline
Also a solar cell battery can be used as a power supply.
Carrying case
Dimensions: 270 × 160 × 270 mm

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