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Record Circuits is a full service circuit board manufacturing company with 30 years experience. We manufacture thru-hole assembly to surface mount assembly and everything in between.

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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Potting and Encapsulation

Potting and Encapsulation


Potting and Encapsulation


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Record Circuits


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We offer many different types of circuit board protection. Our staff can seal a single component that tends to be more temperamental than most or we can cover the entire board with product to keep out the worst that nature has to offer. This process is perfect for applications where your boards will be exposed to environments with oil, grease or even the salty water of the sea. Record Circuits has the solution for you.


Epoxy encapsulation for your boards is simple and straight forward. Sealing your board from the elements by covering expensive and temperamental components with an epoxy resin. This allows your components to be exposed to much more extreme weather conditions while protecting your investment. This process is invaluable when your equipment is utilized in outdoor or marine environments.


Conformal coatings will coat your circuit board with a uniform coating of resin or epoxy to protect the entire circuit board from the elements. This process seals up any access to crucial components while giving the circuit board an extra layer or toughness as well as protection from dirt and grime.


Our potting services are very useful for when your products need to have protection from the elements. Our potting solutions will encase your circuitry and wires (if applicable) in the case where the circuit board will be. Just provide us with your casing and we will do the rest.


3D encapsulation takes the process of Epoxy encapsulation one step further. 

Once your board is complete. We will 3D print a case or housing (generic or your own design) around the circuit board fully sealing the board from air and moisture. Perfect for the most punishing conditions this world has to offer.

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