California Integration Coordinators, Inc.

Focused on procurement and kitting of PCB components, line-ready, since 1988. Quick response, BOM scrubbing, suggest options for obsolete or long lead-time components with detailed costed BOM's. ISO 9001 Certified - ITAR Regist

Component Preparation, Turnkey, Service Provider

CIC, Inc. supports PCB assemblies with material procurement and kitting services; we can also offer full-turnkey and inventory management solutions. Our business is helping to build assembled circuit boards by quoting, procuring and kitting all the materials for the PCBA project to be "line-ready".

Our material Kits have documented full traceability back to the component manufacturer with Lot Code / Date Code; have each component verified per the manufacturer's datasheet; are thoroughly verified to ensure each and every component meets expectation; are packaged and documented to provide the assembly facility a quick audit and line set-up. ISO 9001:2008 Certified, ITAR Registered and Compliant to ANSI/ESD S20.20 - 2007.

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Procurement and Kitting Services

The “Kit” (Assembly-Ready) is the heart of our service and the source of our reputation CIC has been providing electronic manufacturing support services since 1988 Provide full-turnkey and inventory manage...


Procurement and Kitting Services
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