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Thermal Profiler HC-40/60/12

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1ClickSMT is a global manufacturer of SMT assembly, cleaning, inspection, rework machines and consumables with sales, service, installation and spare parts available in Asia, USA and Europe.

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Thermal Profiler HC-40/60/12

Thermal Profiler HC-40/60/12


Thermal Profiler HC-40/60/12



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1ClickSMT Technology Co., Ltd.


Thermal Profiler HC-40/60/12 Description:

Quick Overview

4/6/12 Channel

This recorder is specifically designed in-line temperature tester for both wave-soldering machine and reflow-soldering machine and can perform both wave-soldering and reflow-soldering operations. Its sampling ratio is between 0.05S/channel and 600s/channel.Total data memory of 3,900,000 points and the first in our industry to store limitless pairs of data.Such functions as optimized real-time display and data storage status display are added.Supported by PC software’s back-stage analysis function, it can measure manufacturing process and draw temperature profiles. It can work in multiple-channel and in-line way, thus preventing the trouble with off-line analyzer. Accordingly, they are widely used in measuring both PCB mounting and inserting operations and also to draw temperature profiles in other industries.

HC-40/60/12  Thermal Profiler Feature

● Easy one-key operation.

● USB2.0 data cable and USB charger.

● Humane interface and powerful analysis function.

● High sampling ratio with minimum sampling interval of 0.05S.

● Low power consumption, automatic switch to power-saving mode, continuous 5-hour operation.

● Total data memory of 3,900,000 points and the first in our industry to store limitless pairs of data.

HC-40/60/12 - Specifications


 HC-40/60/12 Thermal Profiler


 4, 6,12CH


 K-type thermo-couple

 Sampling interval

 From 0.05S/channel to 600s/channel

 Data recorded

 Up to five groups of data with each group covering 780,000 points

 Measuring precision

 +/- 1℃ (500℃ or less)

 Measuring range


 Power consumption

 ≤ 100mW

 Operating voltage

 3.2VDC (Built-in rechargeable battery)


 0.1℃ (Full measuring range)

 Maximum bearable temperature

 It will stop working if temperature exceeds 85℃


 USB (Mini-B)


 L220 X W54 X H12.5mm

 Heat insulation box size

 L296 X W75 X H28mm

Heat insulation box parameters











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