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XIAMEN YUEHANG COMPUTER ENGINEERING CO.LTD. is a company that professionally engaged in large system DCS spare parts supply. We supply DCS, PLC, MOTOROLA MVME, Anybus, RTU, IPC, IPC, SCSI (50, 68, 80Pin), AnyBus (Gateway)

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Emerson Ovation 1C31197G01

Emerson Ovation 1C31197G01


Emerson Ovation 1C31197G01


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XIAMEN YUEHANG COMPUTER ENGINEERING CO.LTD. is a company that professionally engaged in large system DCS spare parts supply. We supply DCS, PLC, MOTOROLA MVME, Anybus, RTU, IPC, IPC, SCSI (50, 68, 80Pin), AnyBus (Gateway) is a high-tech enterprise specialized in professional sales of industrial automation components, and is committed to improving the level of world automation parts supply.

No matter what the customer is, no matter how rare the required accessories, AMIKON  can provide a variety of accessories for  customers around the world to make customers and products required close connection.

XIAMEN YUEHANG COMPUTER ENGINEERING CO.LTD. always make the best staff and spare parts together, professional multilingual service team, adhere to provide customers with first-class service.

Company products cover DCS control system card, programmable PLC module SPS / CNC panel controller / inverter / server driver and various parts of the robot.

Whether it is a new spare parts, or outdated / discontinued parts, XIAMEN YUEHANG COMPUTER ENGINEERING CO.LTD. is committed to the best cost, best quality and efficient way to allow enterprises to resume normal operation.

More than a thousand outstanding manufacturers, millions of stocks, adequate supply, to achieve faster customer support response
Partners in all continents, customers cover 150 countries / regions.

XIAMEN YUEHANG COMPUTER ENGINEERING CO.LTD.  has supplied nearly 70 million inventory parts for customers worldwide.
Our experienced team of professionals provides more spare parts expertise to provide you with efficient component solutions.

Whether it is customer service or delivery speed, we always strive for excellence, to be better.

Emerson Ovation 1C31197G01

Emerson Ovation 1C31197G01

Emerson Ovation 1C31197G01

When possible, it is a good practice to use the same type of material for the
lead wire as is used in the thermocouple. Smaller gauge wire provides a
slightly faster response, but heavier gauge wire tends to last longer and resist
contamination and deterioration at high temperatures. Figure 8-11 shows a
typical thermocouple interface connection. Chapter 13 presents more information
about thermal transducers.
The following example illustrates a case where a thermocouple performs
compensation. Some typical uses of compensation are applications where
very long lead wires are employed or where several thermocouples are
connected in parallel.

A type J thermocouple is connected to a thermocouple module
located in an I/O rack located 500 feet away. This thermocouple is
connected to a heat trace circuit, which measures temperature
ranges throughout the length of a process pipe. The thermocouple
has 18 AWG lead wires that have a resistance of 0.222 ohms for each
foot of double wire (positive and negative wire conductors) at 25°C.
The thermocouple module has a lead resistance compensation of 50
ohms, and the manufacturer has a 0.05°C per ohm compensation
error factor. Find the total lead resistance and the necessary compensation
in degrees Celsius to be added to the value measured.
Resistance temperature detector (RTD) interfaces receive temperature
information from RTD devices. RTDs are temperature sensors that have a
wire-wound element whose resistance changes with temperature in a known
and repeatable manner. An RTD in its most common form consists of a small
coil of platinum, nickel, or copper protected by a sheath of stainless steel.
These devices are frequently used for temperature sensing because of their
accuracy, repeatability, and long-term stability.
The operation of RTD modules is similar to that of other analog input
interfaces. These modules send a small (mA) current through the RTD and
read the resistance to the current flow. In this manner, the module can
measure changes in temperature, since the RTD changes resistance with
changes in temperature.
An RTD module converts changes in resistance into temperature values,
available to the processor in either °C or °F. Some interfaces are able to
provide the processor with the resistance value in ohms in addition to
temperature measurements. Depending on the manufacturer, the module may
also be able to sense more than one type of RTD. Table 8-1 lists some of the
most common RTD devices and their resistance ratings.

PAPST Motoren System Fan TYP 7606115V 42W

Allen Bradley 22B-CCB SeriesB 

Phoenix Contact Terminal Block End Barrier Cat: D-STTB 4 Grey LOT OF 24

Allen Bradley RelayCat: 700C 02 220-208Volt 

Phoenix Contact PT 4-QUATTRO D-32825

Appleton UNJ-75 3/4"Mall iron UNJ 

Barber Colman Controline TC-1102  Electric Room Thermostat 2pos 45-75

Burndy K11A36U-2, TWO 2 STR-600 DUAL 

Telemecanique XCK-M Limit Switch Base Only XCK M115H7ZCK-M1H7

YEW 0-100 RPMMeter YE-250-4 90-0804 0123903

Appleton Electric TCC-250300G 

Signal Printed Board601474-502 with DPC-24-1000 Struthers Dunn A283XBXC 

Phoenix Contact PT 4 Terminal Blocks IEC 60947-7-1 PT4

RELECO C3-A30 X w/ Base 

MARATHON 1414400 4 POLE 

Weidmuller RCL314024Relay

Telemecanique GV2ME06/1-1.6A 

L113CL1 GOULD ITE 30amp 600 volt 3 polefreestanding 

Mac Valves SolenoidValve E40299 Style3173 

9001KS42B SchneiderElectric MaintainedSelector Switch Harmony  9001 KS42B

Square D 8501 CO8V04SERIES B


Siemens Open Air Actuator GDE131.1U 24V 

Transmation Quick-Cal Thermocouple Isolator Model 2610T A48356K TT301

Surplus Idec APW299D-G.24V 

Ward Leonard Reliance Coil WL 320L1 N-1044 120v 60CYWL320L1N1044

Cutler Hammer Coil 1887-1 120 volt60HZ 110 volt 50HZ

ABB S203 C6 Circuit Breaker 6 AMP 3Pole 400 Volt

ElkaEelectronique V78.40/02996 230v 2218219 LKS20324V 3 Amp

NCC T1K-180-461 Solid State Timer Range1.8-180 Sec 120VAC 50/60Hz

Cutler Hammer BAB2060 Circuit Breaker 60AMP 2 Pole 240VAC

Surplus Cooper Crouse CHAP60H 

Surplus Turck RSC 4.4T-4/S90 U2143-2Euro 

RG 58C/C

Surplus Turck RSC 4.4T-4 U2143 

Surplus Brad Harrison 47247 Mini Change Cordset 10P Female 16.4' PVC

Surplus Brad Harrison 41189 Mini Change Cordset 4P 

Surplus GeneralElectric Chromalox Part Kit 056530-001

KELLEMS 074-01-1254Strain 

KELLEMS 02203014 Strain Relief Cord GripHubbell .62-.74"

Allen Bradley 1771-CP3 

Phoenix ContactEM DUO 15 amp 125 VAC 120/15/SPD/AUX5604063

GE General ElectricCoil Cat: 15D21G35 480/400 V 60/50 HZ 

Honeywell solenoid valve Cat: 703N6 5/8Orifice 110/120 

GTE SYLVANIA 2 polebolt on 30 amp 120/240v 

Economy Fuse RK5 175Amp 250 Volt ECNR 175 Dual 

BURKERT 142-A-2-A-PV24 VDC NPT 24/DC-05-0 

Potter & Brumfield PRD7AY0-120V 

SMC Airchecker CablePS1000-R07L 

Eaton Plug in BridgeFBS28 FBS 2-8 2 pin 

Phoenix Contact Jumper Link Bridge EB10-OTTA6 

Schneider Electric GV2ME06 motor circuitbreaker 1-1.6A 3PH3/4HP 

Buchanan Series 30030A 600V 

PRD-11DG0-24 Potterand Brumfield Tyco24VDC 

Square D 8501KP12V14Plug in Relay 

Yokogawa EIL YE/250340LSMT 05-AAC 0-10ACC 

Square D 9001 KM38LG Pilot 

Marathon 1431555 Power DistributionBlock 600V 350 A CU270 A AL

Surplus Turck RKC 4.4T-4/S90 U5308 

J4-1232 PistonPilot Operated Solenoid Valve JD 

Surplus Gould A3T200 Pulse 

Allen Bradley 9001 KM38LR 

Surplus ITE Overload Relay Kit E20C1L1

Square D 9001 R20 Ser F 1 3/8" DIAMushroom 

Surplus Westinghouse MW-11 

Surplus GemlineGR 403 Igniter 2728703 0206 RA

Surplus Leviton7899-1 Smartlock Pro GFCI 

Surplus Square D9001 KRU Ser H 

Surplus Square D9998 QA82 3 Pole 

SOR Pressure Switch750 PSI model 6701-442 30857

SOR Pressure Switch1085 PSI model 6701-357 Haskel 30197

Surplus Ilsco CCC5 600V 

Phoenix Contact TMC 1 M1 100 22 amp 

Phoenix Contact TMC 1 M1 100 55 amp 

Buss Fuse Block R60060-3CR 600V 60A 60C/75C 

Phoenix Contact ATP-OTTA 25 End 

Siemens TIN Splice kit D64865-65C-65C 

Ferraz Shawmut TR125R 125 Amp 250 

Appleton Mall Iron Cable Tray Clamp TCC-125200G QTY 1

Surplus 25 FeetRS232 DB9M to DB9FSerial 

PROLUME EP2CF18PS/MV/DC/K Programmed Start 120-277V 

Durant Model 3500-600 Counter 

Allen Bradley 1746-IN16 Ser C SLC 500 



Idec AVW410-R Emergency 

Bussmann CPDB-2 

Trott Electronics Panel Meter A-C Amperes 0-100 

5X839F Dayton general purpose relay 12 amp 240 

Square D LA9FK w/ 9080 FB2611CC

SQUARE D 12 terminal Assemblybox lug 9080CA12

Square D 8501 CO4 SERIES A

Littelfuse Box CoverCat: LSSU QTY:1

Phoenix Contact FLKM-D25 SUB/B

SensFlow FFC912DE 

ABB S202K15A S202 K15A 

ABB S202D1 S202 D1 

ABB S262 D25 S262 D25 

Furnas 52PA5P2 120 V- 

IDEC RelaysCat: SY2S-U

Phoenix Contact Terminal Block Cat:UK5NBLUE 

Phoenix Contact UT 6-TMC M 10 A CircuitBreaker 50/60 Hz 240VAC 0.5-16A

Eaton D7PR4A Ser. A2Relay w/ base


ASCO HBX8320A25 

FAZ-2-D20 Moeller 20amp 2 pole 480 voltDin Rail 

Bryant BR 15-20 15 AMP 20 AMP 

Appleton GIB400L25AC4" Mall 

Burndy BIBS-250-3 3Port Multi Tap Connector 10 AWG - 250 KCMIL  

Omron LY2 Relay withbase 

ABB S201-K15 1P 400V15A 

Exitron Exit Light 600-602U 

Telemecanique LR2D1307 

Siemens Furnas GREEN Pilot Light Indicator 52PA4GN 120v

ABB S 203 UP-K 20A 3P 

Square D 9999 SC-2 Hand Off 

GE 2 Position Selector Switch with CR104P 

Square D 9007 LA-1 

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