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Solder Paste Mixer

Solder Paste Mixer


Solder Paste Mixer


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Reliable Electronics Co.,Ltd

Reliable Electronics Co.,Ltd have been engaged for many years in the line of SMT(Surface Mount Technology) spare parts selling,including various kinds of pick and place machine’s parts and Peripherals.

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Solder Paste Mixer Description:

Machine Weight 32KG
Machine Size (L)400X(W)400X(H)400MM
Power consumption 40W
Motor model New panasonic 40w AC motor
Input voltage 220V
Work ability At the same time 1 bottle or 2 bottles of 500ml mixed soider paste
Motor speed 1350RPM
Revolution speed 500PRM
Rotation speed 200PRM
Applicable scope Adapt to any general solder paste bottle size
Mixting time Time arbitrary adjustable, maximum time of 9.9 minutes
Machine characteristics Run very smoothly, no jitter When the operation is very quiet, no noise 45 degree angle design, after the completion There's no solder paste sticking on the mixer bottles lid

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