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Juki Ke2060 Ejector 40001266

Juki Ke2060 Ejector 40001266

Juki Ke2060 Ejector 40001266


Juki Ke2060 Ejector 40001266



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Dafton Electronic Co.,Limited

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Dafton Electronic Co.,Limited

We are a professional supplier of SMT spare parts(SMT feeder,SMT Nozzle,etc).Main brand include Panasonic,JUKI,I-Pulse/Yamaha and Fuji.We also provide repair service for SMT Parts (specially Dek camera,JUKI camera,etc).

Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China

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Juki Ke2060 Ejector 40001266 Description:

◆Part NO:40001266

◆Model NO:C-0023-MCX,MPS-V8,V8X-AG-0.3B-JU

◆Port:Shenzhen City

◆Delivery:1-5 working days

◆Payment Terms:T/T,Western Union


◆Specification:For KE2050 machine

◆Condition:New,original,Guaranteed quality and low price

We Offer & Repair Juki Ejector At a Resonable Price:

Juki KE750/760 Ejector 

Juki KE750/760 4-Way Valve PV140507000

Juki KE750/760 Ejector SMC VQD1121W-5MO-X7B
Juki KE750/760 Ejector E79117250A0

Juki KE775 Solenoid Valve E93188020B0 R Pressur S.V ASM

Juki KE2010 Ejector E3273729000M Filter Element

Juki KE2010/2020/2030 Ejector 40010678

Juki KE2010/2020/2030 Ejector 40010679

Juki KE2050/FX-1 Ejector 40001253 
Juki KE2050/FX-1 40011162 Ejector  

Juki KE2050 40072401 Ejector

Juki KE2050 Ejector PN40001253
Juki KE2060 Ejector PN40001266
Juki KE2060 Ejector 40001266
Juki KE2070/2080/1070/1080 Vacuum Ejector 40045471

Juki KE2070/2080/1070/1080 Vacuum Ejector 40050034

Juki KE2070/20801070/1080 Vacuum Ejector 40050035

Juki KE2070/2080 Vacuum Ejector 40045472

Juki KE2070/2080 Vacuum Ejector 40045473

Juki KE2070/2080 Vacuum Ejector 40045474

Juki KE2070/2080 Vacuum Ejector 40045475

Juki KE2070/2080 Vacuum Ejector 40045476

Juki KE2070/2080 Vacuum Ejector 40045477
Juki FX-1/R Ejector PN40001253
Juki FX-3/FX-3R Solenoid Valve 40068169

Juki TR-4SN H-1 Ejector ASM E94387170A0

Juki TR-4SN H-2 Ejector ASM E94397170A0

Juki TR-6SN Shuttle Ejector ASM E91577230A0

Juki Mechanical Valve PV010505000
Juki L153E6210A0 Ejector Base ASM
Juki KD775 Ejector E93128020A

Juki KD775 Ejector E93158020A0

Juki KD775 Ejector E93188020A0 
Juki KD2077 Ejector 40068896  

Juki KD2077 Ejector 40073432 

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