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C-Tack - ACF Laminating (Pre-tack) Desktop System

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C-Tech Systems, B.V. [formerly Nordson DIMA] supplies Hot Bar Bonding and Soldering equipment that is supported by a global service network. We offer customer-inspired solutions in a range of industries.

Deurne, Netherlands

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C-Tack - ACF Laminating (Pre-tack) Desktop System

C-Tack - ACF Laminating (Pre-tack) Desktop System


C-Tack - ACF Laminating (Pre-tack) Desktop System



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C-Tech Systems, B.V. [formerly Nordson DIMA]


C-Tack - ACF Laminating (Pre-tack) Desktop System Description:

C-Tack Desktop System for ACF Laminating, also called Pre-Tacking or Pre-Bonding. 

The C-Tack Desktop System was developed by Nordson DIMA for ACF Laminating (Pre-Tacking) applications. It uses pneumatic bonding head technology and offers reliable process control, with an integrated Constant Heat power supply. ACF (Anisotropic Conductive Film) Laminating is a Hot Bar bonding technique to make electrical bonds between flexible and rigid circuit boards, glass panel displays and flex foils. ACFs are widely used to perform LCD-to-flex, flex-to-board or flex-to-flex connections. The ACF Laminating/Pre-Tacking process forms the first part of the total bonding process: applying the adhesive material to the substrate. After that the final Heat Seal Bonding process can take place.

Before the ACF is applied to the substrate, the ACF tape is half-cut at the required length from a reel of ACF. Half-cut means that only the actual ACF material is cut, not the cover layer, which is used for tape transport. By use of a customized thermode with Constant Heat technology (Hot Bar) the ACF is applied to the bond surface. The integrated control system monitors and regulates the temperature, process time and force applied for the pre-tacking process. All process parameters are embedded into the system ensuring consistent process quality and operator independence.
The product parts are positioned in a customized product fixture, which is mounted to the pneumatic linear slide (front-rear stroke). The C-Tack system enables full automatic process control, with manually loading and unloading of parts.The C-Tack is standard compatible with almost all ACF tape available in the market.


  • Compact and robust construction for high performance processing
  • Multi-language and user-friendly touchscreen user interface to easily transfer proven process globally and easy set-up
  • Integrated constant heat process control for guaranteed process quality
  • Two distinct force ranges for accurate forces for all applications


  • Camera and interposer. All possible process requirements controlled by one controller.


  • ACF Laminating

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