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Double-wave welding

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Double-wave welding

Double-wave welding


Double-wave welding


Wave Soldering

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Shenzhen Maxsharer Technology Co., Ltd


Double-wave welding Description:

1. Direct-type board structure, special titanium claw chain transmission, durable;
2. Preheat system using hot air system, temperature control using PID mode, but the automatic adjustment of the voltage phase angle, so that the temperature control accuracy of ± 2 ℃, can achieve the ideal welding preheating temperature. Special structural design, so that the preheating area and the welding zone temperature drop <5 ℃.
3. Spray system using precision control valve for digital adjustment, easy management. And the use of Japanese special nozzle, cylinder mobile (stepper motor type is optional). Three - side ventilation filtration system. Flux automatic pressure supply system. The spray flow can be quickly saturated. Foam mode is another option.
4. The transport system adopts the segmented structure to effectively prevent the deformation of the guide rail.
5. Tin furnace with external heating, tin furnace materials used in all titanium materials, temperature control using PID mode, analog automatic adjustment voltage phase angle, temperature control accuracy of ± 2 ℃.
6. The first wave without swing function (with swing function is optional).
7. Optional forced cooling system to ensure that the cooling rate of 6 ~ 8 ℃ / sec adjustable.
8. Man-machine interface operating system, three-Ling control system, high-precision three-Ling temperature module analog automatic adjustment to achieve PID temperature control.
9. Optional rosin liquid level is too low too high alarm; tin liquid level is too low alarm; and automatically add rosin device. 10. Heat pipe disconnection alarm (optional); remote INTERNET interface function (optional).

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