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ABB, Bailey IMFEC12 Analog Input Module

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AMIKON specializes in sales of industrial automation components. Products include DCS control system cards, programmable PLC module SPS, CNC panel controllers, inverters, server drivers and various robots parts.

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ABB, Bailey IMFEC12 Analog Input Module

ABB, Bailey IMFEC12 Analog Input Module


ABB, Bailey IMFEC12 Analog Input Module


Industrial Automation

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Amikon Automation Equipment Co., LTD


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Nancy Lin


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Amikon insists on striving for excellence business philosophy. whether its industrial automation spare parts or delivery efficiency,We are committed to doing better


DSTA 131 57120001-CV Connection Unit for Analog Board ABB  

DSTA N001 3BNP000044R1 Connection Unit ABB  

DSTA N002 3BNP000176R1 DSTA N180 ABB  

DSTA N013 3BNP000177R1 DSTA N013 Connection Unit ABB  

DSTA N040 3BSE018436R1 Connection Unit ABB  

DSTA N180 3BSE00542R1 Connection Unit ABB  

DSTA-121A 57120001-E/2,DSTA-1214 Termination Unit ABB  

DSTA002 57120001-RB/1 DSTA 002 Connection Unit ABB  

DSTA002A 3BSE015196R1 DSTA 002A Connection Unit ABB  

DSTA002P 3BSE018331R1 DSTA 002P Connection Unit for Analog Input ABB  

DSTA121 57120001-E/2 Termination Unit ABB  

DSTA133 5712000-KN DSTA 133 Connection Unit for Analog Board, ABB  

DSTA133I 3BYN571200-E/00 Termination Unit ABB  

DSTA145 57120001-HP DSTA 145 Connection Unit for Analog Board ABB  

DSTA170 IN5712-1001-CD/02 DSTA170 Termination Unit ABB  

DSTA180 57120001-ET/3 DSTA 180 Connection Unit for Analog Output Unit ABB  

DSTC 404 57520001-DS/1 Powered Terminator ABB  

DSTC 456 5751017-L/2 Muliplexer ABB  

DSTC110 IN5752-1001-a/04 DSTC 110 Termination Module ABB  

DSTC120 57520001-A/2, IN5752-1001-E/03 DSTC 120 Communication Connection Unit ABB  

DSTC130 57510001-A Modem ABB  

DSTC160 57520001-Z Connect Unit ABB  

DSTC176 57310001-KT Terminator Unit for Bus Extension ABB  

DSTC190 57520001-ER/1,IN5752-1001-BP/01 DSTC 190 Communications Connection Unit ABB  

DSTC406 57520001-DX/1 Terminator for DSTC452 Modem ABB  

DSTC452 5751017-A/2 S400 Fieldbus Modem ABB  

DSTC454 5751017-F LDB Modem - Fiber Optic ABB  

DSTC454L 5751017-R LDB Modem - Fiber Optic ABB  

DSTD 110A YB161102-AM/1 DSTD110A Terminal Board ABB  

DSTD 131 In576-1001-BT/03 I/O Termination Module - Fused ABB

DSTD 160 YB161102-AM/1 Terminal Board ABB  

DSTD N007 3BNP000048R1 Connetion Unit ABB  

DSTD N010 3BNP000049R1 Relay Module ABB  

DSTD N020 3BSE003238R1 I/O Connection Unit ABB  

DSTD N020V1 3BNP015164R1 I/O Connection Unit ABB  

DSTD N031 3BSE013335R1 Connection Unit ABB  

DSTD-W150 57160001-AAK Digital Output Modules ABB  

DSTD108 57160001-ABD/ABW DSTD108 Connection Unit ABB  

DSTD120 57160001-P/1 Connection Unit for Digital Board ABB  

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