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Allen-Bradley 1756-SYNCH ControlLogix SynchLink Communication Bridge

Allen-Bradley 1756-SYNCH ControlLogix SynchLink Communication Bridge

Allen-Bradley 1756-SYNCH ControlLogix SynchLink Communication Bridge


Allen-Bradley 1756-SYNCH ControlLogix SynchLink Communication Bridge


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Allen-Bradley 1756-SYNCH ControlLogix SynchLink Communication Bridge Description:

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Allen-Bradley 1756-SYNCH ControlLogix SynchLink Communication Bridge

Allen-Bradley 1756-SYNCH ControlLogix SynchLink Communication Bridge

Allen-Bradley 1756-SYNCH ControlLogix SynchLink Communication Bridge


Mfr. Part Number:


Manufacturer: Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation
Description: Allen-Bradley 1756-SYNCH ControlLogix SynchLink Communication Bridge
Full Description: Allen-Bradley 1756-SYNCH ControlLogix SynchLink Communication Bridge Module, 5 Mbps; Features includes: Remote Axis Data Communication in a timely and deterministic manner; Communication of direct and buffered data; Synchronization of CST and SynchLink clocks in the system; Removal and insertion under power (RIUP) allows to remove and insert the module while power is applied; Class I Division 2, UL, CSA, and CE Agency Certification
UPC / GTIN: 10612598275301
Status: Current Product

From the server, set the Protocol Mode to Symbolic to see how the performance fared prior to
Allen-Bradley ControlLogix Ethernet Driver version 4.6.0.xx.
21. Connect to the server using the Quick Client. Then, click Tools | Test Mode and enable test mode.
Note: Data reading begins. When the test interval expires, all tags are deactivated and the driver
ceases statistics gathering. The results can then be viewed.
22. Disconnect the Quick Client from the server and then shutdown the server.
23. Re-launch the server and search its Event Log for statistics. The image below displays the third trial
utilizing Symbolic for the device.

The project began with a single channel and a single device, which is the default behavior for a single
controller. All tags were imported from this controller to this channel.device. All three protocol modes were
then tested to see which would provide the best performance. In this case, Logical Blocking Protocol was the
best. The best protocol depends on the application at hand. When performance is crucial, it is worth
performing Logical Blocking and Logical Non-Blocking trials to determine which is the best protocol mode for
the application. Symbolic protocol is not necessary because it never meets the performance caliber of either
of the other protocol modes. It is shown here for the sake of the example.
Measures were taken to optimize communications using the tips outlined in Optimizing Communications.
Most notably, tag division was used to place the Logical Blocking type tags in a device assigned Logical
Blocking and the Logical Non-Blocking type tags in a device assigned Logical Non-Blocking. Furthermore,
both devices resided on the same channel. The results show an improvement over using Logical Blocking on
a single device. This is because some tags lend themselves better to one protocol mode over another. For
example, reading an entire COUNTER benefits from Logical Blocking over Logical Non-Blocking since it's
much faster reading the COUNTER as a block then as individual members.
Measures were also taken to optimize the application by placing devices on their own channel. Using the
devices created in the previous trial, a Logical Blocking device was placed on one channel and a Logical NonBlocking
device on another. The results show improvement over the single channel / multiple devices
scenario from the previous trial. This reinforces the idea that performance is improved by having as few
devices per channel and as many channels as necessary.
After using these three optimization methods, the project has an 827% performance increase over AllenBradley
ControlLogix Ethernet Driver version earlier than 4.6.0.xx. Tag division and multiple channels
improved the performance by 107%. The performance increase is more apparent with larger projects.

Allen Bradley 3 kVA 240x480 - 120/240 V YX231678 
Hammond 1.5 kVA 460 / 480 to 115/215 V Dry 

IT 130-302 Current Transformer CT 3000:5 A 5.75" 

Allen Bradley / TCI 113122 / 6454 

TCI V1K55A00 55A 3 Phase Output Filter 600V KLC 

KST-20A 500VA 220V / 100V / 20V 50/60 Hz 

Instrument PTG3-1-60-482FGC1 

Square D SK3000G2 Class 9070 

Acme T-2-53112-S 

GE 761X20G5 Type JVP-1 Ratio 5:1 BIL 30KV 750VA 600V 

Instrument Transformer 780-122 Current 

FW Bell/Emerson 12-785041-00 

ITE LKM-2 Current Transformer 4000:5 401739-K10 LKM2 5A

Cutler Hammer 3P82-601 

Siemens Allis 61-300-058-081 Type RD-110 

Siemens Allis 61-300-058-041 Type RD-110 

Reliance Electric LEM Module LT-1000-TI/SP-1 

FW Bell IF-2000 Current 

Square D 140-302 3000:5 Ratio 

Siemens Allis 61-300-058-061 Type RD-110 

Siemens Allis 61-300-058-121 Type RD-110 

Siemens Allis 61-300-058-161 Type RD-110 

Daykin GPFS-01TB-A627

Daykin GPFS-01TB480L 

Allen Bradley 80025-033-13 

Allen-Bradley/LEM LC 1000-S/SP9 

ABB 7524A58G04 Type CLC 

GE General Electric TSKG408 800A 

Westinghouse 819A981G04 

IT 500T-401 Current Transformer 400:5 A 

Westinghouse Ratio 1200:5A 7525A30G14 600V  

GE 3 kVA 240x480 - 120/240 Volts 9T58B1815 1PH 

Square D LE25CT2 Neutral 

Square D ME4CT2 Neutral 

Square D LE4CT2 Neutral 

Plitron 7458-S1-04 Toroidal Transformer 200211 

GE TGS0008 Ground Break 

Cutler Hammer 9253C22H03 

Milwaukee Transformer 3 kVA 240x480 - 240/480 V 100950

Acme 1 kVA 600 - 120/240 V T-2-53110-S 1PH 

TCI V1K21A00 21A 3 Phase 

Square D 170-401 Current 

ABB 9628A41G12 Current Transformer SCS-2R Ratio 2000:5 

Hevi Duty 3 kVA 240/480 - 120/240 V 1PH HS5F3AS 

Allen Bradley 21803-014-02 Rev C 1336 

Reliance Electric 69956-W 

Siemens Allis N40SB Neutral Sensor 121790K3 

Square D 140R-402 Current Transformer 600V 4000:5 

Square D 3 kVA 480/575 - 115 V 1PH 9070EO10D101E23 

Instrument Transformers 561-402 

Instrument Transformers 561-122

New Acme TA-2-81006 Industrial 

Trans-Coil, Inc 3LR130A 130A 

IT CT 0144D2684P005 

IT/Siemens 120-202 Current Transformer CT 2000:5 A 1202

Cutler Hammer 42-3071-5 Current Transformer CT 600:5 A

Kyoshin Denki Kogyo., LTD 50A 0.5 mH Three Phase 50/60

TCI KLRUL80ATB 80A 3 Phase Line Reactor 600V 

Westinghouse WH CLA-10 1500:5 A Amps 7605A061G15 CT

ABB Type GS 302B1017 UL 

Meth T3TULF-750 750VA Pri 480V - Sec 40V 

Hammond PH3000AJ 3000VA Pri 

MTE RL-05503 55A AC Line 

IT/West. 2089A29H05 Current Transformer 600:5 A 120-601

Westinghouse 7526A04G02 

General Electric GE 760X34G6 Type JVA-0 

General Electric Current Transformer 75:5 Ratio JKM-3

Daykin LTFS-07 Transformer Disconnect Switch TL101 

Daykin MDGTB-13 Voltage 

Siemens 4AM3495-0AE80-1N Transformer 008233-BV01

Square D 785R-102 New 1000:5 Ratio 600V 

MagneTek MCR Constant Voltage 3560910

Siemens 4AM6142-8DD40-0FA0 

GE 750X010051 Current 

Instrument Transformers 120-322 

Instrument Transformers 125-502

ABB KIR-60 S 7883A13G02 200:5 Amps 200V 

General Electric GE JCC-0 1200:5 A Amps 750X20G700 CT

Square D 170R-162 Current Transformer 1600:5 A 5A CT

Meth T1ULF-1000 1000VA Pri 250V - Sec 230V 

Square D SK5271U Class 9070 

Instrument Transformers 560-402 

Instrument Transformers 560-122 

Instrument Transformers 12-779133-20 

Westinghouse WH CLA-10 1200:5 A Amps 597A750G03 CT

GE TSVG825A Neutral Current Sensor 2500/1800 Amp

Westinghouse 2092A37H08 600:5A 600 

Allen Bradley 1497-N37

Instrument Transformers 568TS-402 

Magnetics and Controls MC 9438 

Westinghouse 7494A73H15 Current  

Cutler Hammer C0200C2AFB 

Trenco 417155-16B .250 kVA 110 to 110 Volts TR-15675 

Westinghouse 360-352 Current 

MTE RL05503 55A 3 Phase 

Square D PE12CT2 Ser 3 Micrologic 

Instrument Transformers 20XSUM-3 

Instrument Transformers 20XSUM-2 

Electric Metering Corp RT3775-1600-1 

Electric Metering Corp RT3775TS-4000 

New Acme TA-2-81009 Industrial 

GE General Electric TSRG204 400A 

Cutler Hammer C31102-085-50 

TCI KLR80BTB 80A 3 Phase 

Westinghouse 800A 2608D25G03R 

Hevi Duty 1500VA 240/480 - 120 V 1PH HZ12-1500 

Square D CT 1200:5A 100-122 600V 

Square D 120R-202 Current 

Instrument Transformers 100-202 

Instrument Transformers 100-252 

Piedmont/ITE LKM-1 Current Transformer 800:5 401775-K8

GE 627X22 Current Transformer Type JKP-0 600:5 A 5A CT

GE 750X01G3 Auxiliary Current 

GE Fanuc A81L-0001-0120-03 130 Amp 

General Electric TSRG204 400A 

General Electric 753X2G8 Current 

Meth T1ULF-800 800VA Pri 250V - Sec 230V 

General Electric 753X2G9 Current 

Instrument Transformers 130-402 

Instrument Transformers 126-402 

ABB Type PPM 7526A10G04  

Acme 1.5 kVA 120x240 to 120/240 

IT 560-162 Current Transformer CT 1600:5 5A 1600 A 

TCI KLR35ARL 35A 3 Phase Line Reactor 600V 

TCI KLR16BTB 16A 3 Phase Line Reactor 600V 

Acme 2 kVA 240x480 - 120/240 Dry Type 3R 

Cutler Hammer 3P83-301 

Cutler Hammer 2092A37H04 

Westinghouse 2092A37H05 

Jefferson Electric 211-0011-000 

Westinghouse 7526A04G04 

Square D S34036 Neutral 

Westinghouse SCS-2R Ratio 800:5A 9628A41G07 

GE K-3224 25VA 120V Transformer 

Square D ME8CT2 Neutral Current 

Crompton Instruments 792-941U-UELS 

Cutler-Hammer 151D995G02 200A 

Instrument Transformers GFL631T-2

Instrument Transformers 120-302 

Cutler Hammer 1 kVA 240x480 - 120/240 S20N11S01N 

IT 120-122 Current Transformer 1200:5 A 5.75"

Cutler Hammer C0250E2A 

MTE RL-03502 AC Line

Square D 120R-302 Current Transformer Ratio 3000:5 CT

ABB 190-4-010 Current Transformer Ratio 10:5A CT

GE 627X25 Current Transformer Type JKP-0 Ratio 600:5A 

GE 752X040009 Current Transformer Type JKM-2 

Square D 785R-101 100:5 Ratio 600V 6.5" 

Allen-Bradley 1321-3R8-A 

Flex-Core FC-5000/5-8 600V 

GE 750X28G15 Current 

GE 750X28G13 Current Transformer Type JCL-0 

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