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Emerson OVATION 1C31166G01 1C31169G02 Serial Link Controller Module

Emerson OVATION 1C31166G01 1C31169G02 Serial Link Controller Module

Emerson OVATION 1C31166G01 1C31169G02 Serial Link Controller Module


Emerson OVATION 1C31166G01 1C31169G02 Serial Link Controller Module


Industrial Automation

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Amikon Automation Equipment Co., LTD

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Amikon Automation Equipment Co., LTD

AMIKON specializes in sales of industrial automation components. Products include DCS control system cards, programmable PLC module SPS, CNC panel controllers, inverters, server drivers and various robots parts.

Hongkong, Hong Kong


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  • Fax +865925165561

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Emerson OVATION 1C31166G01 1C31169G02 Serial Link Controller Module Description:

Contact: Nancy Lin



Mobile(Whatsapp): (+86)-18020776786

QQ :2851195456

Control Systems (DCS, PLC/SPS, CNC)

- Panel Controllers

- HMI and Display Panels

- Industrial PC’s

- Drives ( Frequency Inverter and Servo)

- Motors

- Power Supplies

Amikon adhering to the enterprise concept of excellence, whether it is industrial automation parts, services or delivery efficiency, we are committed to do better.

We deliver a variety of

Machines break and downtime can cost companies millions in lost revenue. Our multi-lingual team scour the globe to find quality obsolete, new and reconditioned parts to get industrial machines back up and running at the best price.

Whether it's service, speed or delivery, we always deliver

Amikon Limited specialises in supplying automation equipment to specific industry sectors. We work with some of the worlds largest companies & our knowledge and expertise is regularly featured in industry publications across the


Excellent service is woven into the very fabric of our operations. It’s also where we invest the most – merging the very best of talent with bespoke technology to enable us to ensure we always deliver more for our




Emerson OVATION 1C31166G01 1C31169G02 Serial Link Controller Module

Emerson OVATION 1C31166G01 1C31169G02 Serial Link Controller Module

Emerson OVATION 1C31166G01 1C31169G02 Serial Link Controller Module

Faster delivery, better result

Whether the plant schedules preventative maintenance or not, quick part delivery is of the utmost importance. Manufacturers should partner with a reliable supplier of spare industrial parts, such as Amikon Limited , that offers a speedy delivery service to avoid prolonged downtime.  Once a manufacturer orders a part, if it is not in stock, it must be sourced a quickly as possible and delivered to the supplier’s warehouse. From there, it must be shipped by air or land using a courier service, to land at the customer’s door efficiently.

If the supplier and manufacturer are both based in the UK, a part can be delivered in the same day. Internationally, the manufacturer is likely to receive the part the day after ordering. Newer services, such as UPS Proactive Response, help prevent delivery delays to speed up the process further. It is best for manufacturers to call their suppliers as early as possible so that courier delivery time can be met. If the part needs to be delivered internationally in a short time frame, a manufacturer could opt for a more expensive flash flight service.

 1C31224G01 1C31227G01
 5X00070G04 1C31116G04
 5X00119G01 5X00121G01
 1C31129G03 1C31132G01
 1C31223G01 1C31219G01
 1C31222G01 1C31219G01
 1C31234G01 1C31238H01
SOE 1C31233G04 1C31238H01
 1C31147G01 1C31150G01
 (Modbus_RTU) 1C31166G01 1C31169G02
I/O 1C31203G01 1C31204G01
I/O 1C31179G01 1C31181G01
24VDC 1X00416H01(1X00781H01L)  
 1C31189G01 1C31192G01
 1C31194G01 1C31197G01
-OCR400 5X00241G02 5X00226G01/02
-OCR161 5X00105G14 3A99190G01

Allen Bradley 2100 30 Amp AC 

Allen Bradley 2100 Size 1 

barmag electronic ED 13 C PLC 

Westinghouse Numa-Logic NLE-770 

Switching Power OFSX-300S-U 

Allen Bradley 2100 Centerline Size 2 Starter 60 Amp

Allen Bradley 1336F-MCB-SP2E Main Interface Card 164989

Reliance Electric 69956-W 

Siemens Allis N40SB Neutral Sensor 121790K3 Rev 1P 

Cutler Hammer AR422AR 

Multitek M842SB4VF 

barmag electronic EL 54 PLC 

barmag electronic EC 75 PLC 

barmag electronic EL 54a PLC 

barmag electronic ED 195B PLC 

barmag electronic ED 19 A PLC 

barmag electronic EC 68 PLC 

barmag electronic ED 80 PLC 

barmag electronic ED 74 PLC 

barmag electronic ED 11 C PLC 

barmag electronic ER 22 PLC 

barmag electronic EC 77 PLC 

barmag electronic ED 25a PLC 

barmag electronic EC 25a PLC 

barmag electronic ED 19 PLC 

barmag electronic 522 003.9019 2AM.522 003.0027b 210 

barmag electronic EB19 PLC 

barmag electronic EC31 PLC 

Square D Model 4 Size 1 20 Amp 

Impact Systems RS-232C 

E-Mon D-Mon 480100 KIT 3 Phase Class 200 KWH 

Square D 140R-402 Current Transformer 600V 4000:5 

NIB Asea RXKN-1 Combiflex Relay Module RK-315-333-A

NIB Asea RXSL-1 Combiflex Relay Module RK-273-101-A

NIB Asea RXMA-1 Combiflex Relay Module RK-211-037-A

Allen Bradley 512-BAB-3-4R-6P-24R 

Parker PSSCDM18PA 

Bristol Meci ENA100NG 

Cutler Hammer BFD11T 10A 250V 

Eaton Cutler Hammer BFD22T Control Relay 250V 10A 

Reliance Electric 0-49029-2 RE 

GE CR120BD04141 

Fanuc Robotics EE-3285-025 RPP 

Sti LCC-FB-AC1-U Light Curtain C Controller 70027-1000 

Eaton FDPWT3622J 600V 60 Amp 

Square D 3 kVA 480/575 - 115 V 1PH 9070EO10D101E23 

Westinghouse Numa Logic NL-724 

Panalarm 90F1X1PB 

Square D 8501XUDO40V63

AGM Electronics SAM-40352 24V

Powerex T627121564HUC14 150A 1200V 

GE AC1362R 60A 600V 3PH 3W 

Bently Nevada Velocity Seismoprobe 86205-01 

Emco Y1A920001 

Foxboro P0914XA / P0914XB 

Bently Nevada 132242-01 C 

Square D Model 4 Fused Feeder MCC Bucket 30 Amp 18"

Instrument Transformers 561-402 

Instrument Transformers 561-122 

ACME Standard Power SPWD-1218 

Allen Bradley AB 509-E0D 

General Electric 12IAC77N2A 

Merlin Gerin EP0Z 72-130059-00 PLC PC

Bently Nevada 157817-44 

Bently Nevada 330102-00-16-50-02-05 3300 XL 


Reliance Electric 0-56928-50 Rev. 02 GV3000 

Reliance Electric 0-56925-51 Rev. 06 GV3000 

Weschler Instruments 103-122-ABTM DC 

PCB 328C04 Sensor Probe PLC Module ICP 328 C04

ICP 323A01 Sensor Probe PLC Module PCB 323 A01 

Metso Automation S438261 Rev. 01 

Fuji 1MBI600LP-060A-01 

GE 9L10TAL424E 

Vishay MAL203858471E3 

Metso Automation ADC5483-D200418 

Foxboro 821GM-IS1SH1 

Allen Bradley 66328C ISO bridge AB 66328 C 

Honeywell 621-9991 Rack Chassis PLC Module 621 I/O 6044

Bosch ZE401 PLC 1070 048379-104 

Telemecanique LC1FH43 

Select Arc 115K4 7/64" 60Lb

Square D 8502SCO2SX22 

Absopulse Electronics GFA2633-Q7262 

AEG 6728-042.274951 DAU208 Rev 9 

Allen Bradley 1746-NIO4I Series A SLC-500 

Bently Nevada 72872-01 Terminal Strip 72872

GE Fanuc IC693CPU340-G 

Allen Bradley 20AD-DB1-C 

Allen Bradley 22D-D6P0N104 3HP 

Allen Bradley 1756-L55 Ser A Rev F01 

Honeywell 14505106-001 ASSY B 

Eaton Dynamatic 15-570-1 

Woodward 9907-028 Rev E 

Yaskawa MP920 JEPMC-PS210 VER A0 PS-01 AC 

Trane X13650451-12 Rev P Circuit Module 97D272

Ferraz Shawmut STP1000PVM 

Trane X13650451-12 Rev P Circuit Module 97D494

Trane X13650499-08 Rev J Chiller RTH Module 96B289

TRANE X13650499-08 Rev J 

Trane X13650453-08 Rev P Starter Module 95L103

Square D 8502-SCO2 

Westinghouse Ratio 1200:5A 7525A30G14 

Measurement Technology 8103-AI-TX 4-20mA 

Reliance Electric 0-52003

Valmet Automation A413510 

Metso Automation S420154 Rev. 05 

GE Fanuc IC697CMM741L Series 90-70 

GE E3A69S1A2P1 5 Stages 3 

CSC / Cutler-Hammer 8B23PCDMF 

Furnas 43FF32AAAE3 Size 2 

Reliance Electric 45C400-A 

Square D 8536SCO3H308S 

Interconnect Devices S-4-K-5-G 

GE 3 kVA 240x480 - 120/240 Volts 9T58B1815 

Eaton Cutler Hammer 314C960G11 800A MA 

Gulf States 1-1/4" x 3" x 5/8" Box of 175 Type 19R 

Square D PowerLogic Circuit Monitor 3020/CM2250 

GE F35WW-U-6-WM 35W U-Shaped 

Yokogawa SDBS-140A/TB Power 

Exide A5A1 Transfer Control Logic Bd. PLC 118 302 758 A

Exide A5A1 Transfer Control Bd 118 302 758 P10 PLC 

Drager DCS1e/s Polytron 2 Gas Detector 8312800 8312998

Parker 24F2402280A3HEE85 2 Valve 5/125 PSI 48VDC 

Ferraz Mersen A100F800 800 Amp 1000V 

Bailey 722001AAAE1 Type 722 

Foxboro I/A P0400VR 

Foxboro PM400YP I/A Series 120 VAC 

I-T-E XLVB451N 30 Amp 600V 3PH 4W + Ground XJ-L 

I-T-E XLVB351 30 Amp 600V 

Honeywell XL50-MMI 

Fisher-Rosemount CL6826X1-A1 

Fisher-Rosemount CL6826X1-A2 

Cutler Hammer A10EN0 Size 3 

Westinghouse HMCP050K2CB 50A 

Turck JTBS-57VM-M633 

ABB SACE S5 S5N300 300A 

Siemens 6DC3036-1AC 

I-T-E Gould HE3-B040 40 Amp 

GE General Electric FBN36TE045RV 

Square D I-Line FJA34030 30A 

Westinghouse HFB2015 15A 

GE General Electric TJJ436200 200A 

bachmann electronic CE 32/1-100 B2600/01 

Square D EHB14060 60A 

Square D I-Line FHB36070 70A 

Cutler-Hammer FD3100LA02S2605 100 Amp 

Exide 118 302 383 C DCVI Control MK2-U PLC 101072371 

Exide 118 302 384 C CHG & Digital Cont MK2-U PLC 101072

Mitsubishi NF400-SE 250 Amp 

ABB S3H S3N150TC0A1S8 SACE S3 150A 

GE Spectra Series SFHA36AT2070C 250A Frame/70A 

Cutler-Hammer Digitrip RMS/R 510 1600 Amp 

Square D KAL261251616 125A 

Square D I-Line FA22040BC 40A 

Westinghouse LA3400F 400A 

Eiko VW-PC011 PLC PEP 

Square D Q2M3100MB 100A 

Cutler Hammer 42-3071-5 Current Transformer CT 600:5 A

Federal Pacific 30 Amp 240V QMQB-3332C 

Westinghouse CA3150W 150A 


GE 192A9585G1 

Square D KHL3622522DC2315 225A

Honeywell KLCN-I/O_CB 51304544-100 

Square D PQ-3606 Ser. 1 60A 3PH 3W 

Siemens 6DD1611-0AD0 

Square D KAP36110 110A 

Westinghouse 2D78522 IQ 

FPE Federal Pacific NEF433090 90A AB 

Honeywell UDC3300 Temp Controller DC300C-0-103-21-0A00

Cutler-Hammer HMCPS050K2CA02 50A 

Square D I-Line IF-34060 60A 

Johnson Controls NU-XBN101-0 Rev. G 

Allen Bradley 1779-KFL 

Cerberus Pyrotronics 580-190920-3 NET-4 315-090909 

CH Cutler-Hammer GMCP007C0C 7A 

Bently Nevada XDCR I/O & Record Terminals 89285-01 

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